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How will cc season 3 affect jwa

Well they added para lux for season 1 and I think they will add Scorpious but the I-rex and T-rex will have 3 hybrids

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so at most I think they will add one creature (in this case the scorpius rex) to the game

Yes scorpios will go in

Since we got Scorpios got leaked will the dino stay rex + i-rex or will it be something else

I will says rather different. His head looks like an abelisauroid and the feathers could be from a new raptor

Yea and his body is pumped over like the indoraptor

I don’t think the toy scorpios is actually Scorpious.
In the teaser their body is brown and the toy is grey.

I can imagine that scorpius rex will look similar to its toy counterpart, but not 100% of course, so there’s still some hope in terms of me liking the design as I really wish it looks better in the show, but so far the only difference I can see is the colors. But the colors of e750 in the trailer may be affected by the fire… can’t say I know much about how light and dark worked in that shot but I know others explained it well.

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The eye is brown but when you look close the in the toy is also brown

Well since we don’t have a full body shot of it I guess we either wait for trailer or season 3

I’m sure we will get the scorpius Rex. The toy image leaked on the back of a T. rex toy box. Klayton had it in his video but it is not blurred out because Mattel actually contacted him to remove it. I was going to screenshot it. It’s the same as those other images I shared before though but it was the full toy.

Maybe we will also get some more Dinos in the game as well. More Dinos is always good. Maybe some Gen 2 of some that don’t have them. Could even do the 3 baryonyx named as they did the raptors.

I know they can add bumpy, Toro and more. But I’m still thinking about Scorpious’s ingredients

Wich is only a matter of days because we definitely will get the trailer this month

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Yes hopefully by the end of April

If they don’t showcase the ingredients, I would assume they’d maybe make it a legendary but not sure how that would work out
but if some ingredients are revealed I’m sure they may make it a fusable hybrid, like indominus rex, it had multiple components but ludia just went with 2

I think the toy looks awful. here’s to hoping the actual creature looks much better.


If you didn’t know monolophosaurus and gallimimus also have guaranteed appearance in camp cretaceous. There is a kenji and monolophosaurus pack and a Darius and gallimimus pack. We also know dimorphodon will return

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I agree, really hoping she looks better on screen and that the toy doesn’t resemble the real thing

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we don’t know about them getting confirmed just because they got a toy but its a possibility


I didn’t know there was a darius pack

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