How will the meta be like if the paraT gets a change

I decided to look through some nerf threads when I case across tghe the nerf paraT thread,someone named @Persianking44 suggested to change its swap-in to a on-escape but I feel like that would be a terrible idea,parat is one of three creatures with the niche of being the swapper,Mrhino being another opinion and Magnus being actually useless ,changing swap-in to a on escape will make paratops useless,since it’s entering a already crowed niche with hydra boa,imperto,ape bear,Andrewtops,albertosiponus,rexy,tarbo and many others
What are your thoughts on this

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  1. Andrewtops and Albertospinos don’t have On Escape abilities, the former just has Swap-In Lockdown while the latter has No Escape. Both abilities are pretty useless given how many meta relevant creatures have high or total Swap Prevention Resistance.

  2. Parasauthops (and by extension Albertocevia) is problematic because there is no reasonable means of guarding against their Swap-In, as Indotaurus and Spinoconstrictor are the meta only creatures with On-Escape dodging abilities (and, besides no longer being as relevant as it once was, for reasons beyond my understanding, Spinocon’s On Escape Evasive Strike counts any counter-attacks towards its “Dodge for x attack or x turns” while I’ve noticed the same does not apply for a lot of other dodging and shielding abilities). Ceramagnus and Monolorhino, on the other hand, can be guarded against with Shields and Dodging. Edit: I stand corrected about Albertocevia, although it’s still worthy of its own thread for a lot of other reasons nonetheless

  3. The alternatives are an adjustment to Para’s kit (which I’m staunchly opposed to for the most part), and Resilient Rampage is really the only one it can afford to lose as its three other abilities are absolutely imperative for Unique and Apex raids; I’d argue that it is the second most important Raid creature behind Touramoloch. I’d gladly trade Resilient Rampage for Revenge Group Shattering Rampage and swap Swap-In Fierce Strike for Swap-In Resilient Strike (and give it a buff to it’s Vulnerability and Stun resistances to compensate), which in my opinion would actually make it better at taking on Ankylos Lux in 1 v 1 fights.

  4. It’s eventually going to get nerfed and/or power crept on, so anyone who says, “It should be good, it’s hard to get,” y’all are gonna have to start figuring out other ways to use it.

  5. Why did you feel the need to tag me? :rofl:


I wanted to see your point of view,as most people dont want its swap in to be removed.interesting that you saiid that it should have swap in resilient strike instead defence shattering,group shattering rampage revenge .this will definitely make ankylous lux High tryant

I said I’d trade Resilient Rampage for Revenge Group Shattering Rampage, and it’s Swap-In Fierce Strike for Swap-In Resilient Strike.

Don’t know how it magically makes Ankylos Lux any better than it is. Parasauthops was never a counter to it anyway, it just had a useful ability and one that anything with a Fierce ability can cover for.

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That doesn’t work against Albertocevia as his swap in is a Group Precise move. For whatever reason.


What?I thought it was just precise

It’s as the only meta creature that can kill kit with a swap,mortem says hi I know tat but paratops swap in is a more reliable way to kill one

Nope. It’s a Group Precise. Ig people complained enough about flocks so JamDia went “HerpDaDerp” and made Swap In Devouring Strike Group Precise instead of shattering.

True or it could be like Skoona who has changed many times and only is recently falling out due to more powercreept creatures like Lux and ACevia

Parasauthops is the most confusing creature balance-wise to me. It’s super strong endgame when fully boosted yet relatively balanced otherwise, so how big of a nerf should it get? How should it be nerfed without ruining raid viability yet keeping it usable? Should its swap in be removed, or should better trappers be added? Since both Albertocevia and Parasauthops shouldn’t have a swap in at the same time, which one should have it removed? Should they both have theirs removed? Does Parathops even need a nerf if it’s likely just going to be powercrept?

The only nerf I could possibly think of that would change Parathops the least would be adding another cooldown to the rampage, since that move has the same gimmick as Enteloceros’ rampage in that it only deals group damage on revenge, but Para’s has less cooldown for some reason. I feel like at least one of the 2 unique gorgonopsids would be fine with keeping a swap in. Para’s is more problematic, but Cevia would arguably be even stronger than it already is with an On Escape, as it better enhances its insane H2H prowice and revenge killing and setup capabilities.


Personally I feel like people who get killed by a paratops get very annoyed by it,removing the shattering may make people happier because albertocevia has a swap-in group precise attack for some reason


Oh dang your right.

I could swear it bypasses armor though.

Edit: In fairness Albertocevia is a whole other problem creature worthy of it’s own thread.


Yeah it is, along with Imperato and a couple others. It’s so weird that the swap on doesn’t do anything fierce except that devour part.

Halving the swap-in damage of PThops & Acevia, might be a decent nerf.

Nah it just feels like it bypasses armor because of that stupid attack stat lmao


No please no that’s gonna make so many raid strategies useless

Oh no,a raid strat is go be,I can no longer find any other


Yea “one”

Almost half of them require the resilient rampage not only that but it also has a partial immunity to distraction and you know that a fierce rampage on a healing tank will make people more mad

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Difference is that with Fierce Rampage it can’t spam Heal and Rampage against anything with Distraction abilities since it’ll have to play the mind game. As it stands, with its current stats it can still do a lot of damage against armored and shielded opponents and wait them out if they aren’t constantly healing.

Any strats that need it to use Resilient Rampage can be very easily worked around, so it really wouldn’t a big loss in the slightest if RR was swapped out for Fierce Rampage.

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