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How will they nerf dracocera in 2.1?

I want dracoceratops to be nerfed in 2.1:

Heath in 2.1
Speed in 2.1
Moves in 2.1
Acute stun changes to stunning impact

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Is this the smilonemys of 2.0 :joy:

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10 characters

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To be honest, 2.1 should be the update that just scrubs off the dust from 2.0. Bugs, glitches and maybe some creature changing/rebalancing.


95% of all creatures and buffed on the next update lol its not only dracoceratops

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Plus you could counter it with cunning creatures

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We haven’t even got to experience 2.0 yet… and people are already talking about nerfs in 2.1 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:


I think Cunning Creatures will kill dracoceratops in one hit. Maybe, i don’t know.

This is your second post in the last couple days about the next next update.


So I can tell the information about 2.1

Give 2.0 a chance. You are too quick to write it off. Give it a few months and then worry about the next update

There is no information about 2.1
Because 2.0 isn’t live yet.
What is the point?

That will not be true. If you want Ludia to take you seriously, try to fix the creatures they keep getting complaints about and look serious

2.0 is live tomorrow


Draco is already gonna be maybe mid apex at best in 2.0 why nerf it?

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there is a break tomorrow

And don’t say it’s annoying, 1.7 was a lot worse

1.7 delayed?

A break in the wall?
Does that mean my words have a chance of getting through tomorrow?