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How will they screw up 1.9?

I have zero faith in this company to ever do right by the players. That being said, how do you think they’ll screw up there next update?

I think they’ll leave DC and Thor intact, NOT restore the dodge mechanic, and introduce the crit and armor boosts. Plus add some new creatures that will prove rather useless while leaving the movesets of current useless creatures as is.

What does your inner pessimist think?


With just add new crap boosts its enough to kil the game for good

I fear the crit and armor boosts are coming, given their methods currently


"Do YOU wish your Superiority Strike was as strong as Defense Shattering Rampage? Wish it stunned too? How about regenerating your health all at the SAME TIME?!

Introducing: MOVE BOOST ADD ONS. Available for $14.99 per add on!"

You’re all welcome for the nightmare fuel.



Just by releasing it. That’s how they will screw up.

I daren’t say too much as they seem to do the very thing we ask them NOT to do, every single time!

But I agree with the general consensus thus far.
Crit and armour boosts are inevitable
Draco and Thor will be left alone so the arena will remain a bore fest
Nothing will be done to improve alliance tools
The current matchmaking algorithm will remain the same, so we will continue to suffer ridiculous miss matches
New dinosaurs will be underwhelming, unless massively boosted of course!


How to screw up some more:

Give Miragaia armor
Give Thor a damage boost again.
Give Dracoceratops a unique without nerfing Dracoceratops. The unique gets defense shattering rampage swap in, and higher attack than Draco.
Utarinex gets nerfed instead of Utasino.
Monomimus gets nerfed again.
Tenontorex gets nerfed again.
Procerathomimus gets a legendary superhybrid that has defense shattering rampage and swap in dodge.
Add armor + crit boosts.


not fixing bugs.

because for sure more are coming, and there would be so much to not fit in a post anymore: