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How would it survive? -Carbotoceratops

How would the Carbotoceratops survive in the Cenozoic? What would it eat? How would it defend itself?

Discussion below


Offense: Biting (similar to snapping turtle)
Diet: Large Shrubs
Defense: Sharp Spikes and Tough Shell

This is how it would survive in the wild.

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Interesting… could it also be partially carnivorous like its Carbonemys ancestor?

:astonished:I forgot Carbonemys eats fish in the sanctuaries! Maybe make him eat sailfish or other large salwater fish :slight_smile:

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Also I’m pretty sure Crush ate crocs aswell

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it would more than likely be an omnivore, eating whatever was abundant at the time. According to the wikipedia, carbonemys most likely ate smaller crocodilians. So combining it with a herbivore like nasuto would probably round out its diet a bit.
As for defense, it has a hard shell, and could possibly hide inside when threatened. The spikes on the sides add a bit more protection. It would be hard for predators like titanoboa to consume them without hurting themselves on the spikes. Anything with a greatly strong bite force could break that shell, so it is susceptible to larger crocodilians.