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How would it survive

How would the amazing Dracoceratops live in the Mesozoic?

Small herds. but it would be easily picked off.


Headbutting? I can see it working kinda like bighorn sheep.
Alpha male in a herd gets all the ladies. Other males can challenge him for his position.


How would they defend themselves from smaller threats like raptors? Would they use their frills for intimidation, or would they headbutt them, while potentially killing them with its horns

I feel like it would be a team up of 2 or more DC against a single raptor. 1 as a distraction while another comes in from the side to impale it. This would all depend on the size of both groups. If the raptors are larger in number, they could try to run, sacrificing the slower ones of the herd. In a 1 on a raptor pack, there is no escape. It can try to take one down, but it will most likely perish.


Swapping in anything that tried to attack it; immediately ending it’s life.


Quite simply, it wouldn’t.
Unlike Ludia, dinosaurs wouldn’t allow it to survive, and it would be put in its rightful place (6 feet under) by the rest of the dinos.