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How would it survive?

How would Erlikospyx survive in the Mesozoic? Would it be a herbivore like its therizinosaurid cousins, or would it be piscivorous like its spinosaurid relatives? Would it be semi aquatic?

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I think it would eat fish that it fishes out of rivers with its claws, but would add some herbs to its diet.


Using its claws as fishing spears? That might require some degree of intelligence🤔

Well, bears kind of fish with their claws sometimes. So the Spyx would probably figure out that its claws can catch fish just by striking at them.


Wait, bears fish with their claws? I just thought they grabbed fish with their paws or something. Welp the more yah know

They might not intend it to happen but sometimes their claws pierce through the flesh and the fish hangs from it


Bears fish with everything they’ve got


I think I saw that ad on TV when I was a kid.

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I assume it’s a semi aquatic piscavor, and I think bears fish with their claws.

Piscavore would make more sense.

It does have spino’s jaw. It could also hunt smaller herbivore dinos like its ancestor bary

With those claws, it could have fish kebabs.


Not only bears but the piscivore dinos that make up Spyx’s dna probably used their claws to help with fishing or simply holding down prey. They do have big claws after all. So it’s not out of question that spyx would use them like that too. Though I would expect them to use their mouth much more.