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How would Magnapyritor survive?

How would Magna, an intelligent synapsid survive during the Permian?


Raptors were nowhere near as smart as some people assume they were, so Magna woudn’t be that smart. Perhaps it would be smarter than other animals of that time, but that isn’t saying much. And with that flamboyant set of colors, I doubt it would be the best at ambushing prey. It would function like a typical dimetrodon(I believe the top predator at the time), a little smarter, but with a huge disadvantage in hunting.

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It also seems stockier than your classic dime. Maybe that could play into its behavior

It breathes fire, that is all you need to know.


Hey, so how’s the Procerathomonovelocimimus going along?


Err, uh you won’t let me forget that will you lol.


No sir lol

That is likely. Magna has a more spread limb positioning than an actual Dimetrodon. Dimetrodons looked more like a naked mammal than a reptile and the posture of the limbs was a little bit more vertical than the way Magna is. So that would indicate that Magna would be a bit slower than it. Some research indicates that the “sail” wasn’t even a sail, just a hump to store fat that most likely didn’t totally cover the spikes. It could have looked like the image below.

Magna may be able to survive, as there wasn’t much that could stand up to a Dimetrodon, but it would be a less optimal Dimetrodon. Of course, it can survive inside volcanos but that doesn’t help it much, does it?

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It would hunt non-immunes and distract them with it’s colors before going on a rampage. Good luck hiding from it, it can see right through camouflage.


That was a clever response … and amusing :blush:

Red Bull and coke


All the Magna would need to do is buy a few speed boosts and one shot the raptors.