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How would ProceRATomimus fare in the mesozoic

How would our little Yoshi, Mexi a chicken, Rat, or other affectionate names for our little green friend fare in the Mesozoic?

Any time period in the mesozoic and anywhere on the world.

It would prolly live as an omnivore, eating small mammals and the like. It could also be a pack hunter


Oh I thought it was like tanycola

What I would like: Dying inside a volcano.

How it would actually survive:

Procerathomimus is actually called a swift, stalking carnivore in its description, this thing is a carnivore. So this thing would survive by:

Eating large insects, eggs and juvinile dinosaurs. It describes how it can camouflage, and is very fast and has strong legs, which would probably be its attack tool. It’s a carnivore guys,

And while I’m here, I’d like to mention monomimus, you might think it would be the same, but there’s something interesting…

In its description, it says how it is more aggressive. This makes me believe it would go as far to pick fights with procerathomimus, and rival for food. It apparently uses its crest for intimidation, but no description says of its diet. I’m guessing it would eat like procera.


Monomimus is a herbivore

It would be a omnivore so it would be hunting small dinos such as hypsilophodon and compsognathus and also eating the bushes it’s ornithomimus parent would eat also. With her green feathers she could camouflage in green bushes to hide from massive theropods such as allosaurus and gorgosaurus, and if that doesn’t work she would run as fast as she could, fleeing from her predators with leg powers of the ornithomimus.