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How would Rewards Scaling work?

Although it seems like an absurd question, its a legit concern. I’m currently a lvl 19 player almost 3/4th my way up to 20 (as shown in the picture below). If I level up to 20 after 4th of november but before 11th of november (when we get the new rewards), would I still get lvl 19 rewards or would I get lvl 20 rewards??20191101_124132

I’m guessing by percentage? So each level is worth 5% of the reward i.e. 5 DNA.

So Lvl 19 would get 95 DNA out of a possible 100 per Mission rank.

So if you are in a 5/4 alliance you will receive 475 and 380 DNA respectively.

I would think it changes when you level like incubators do. e.g. I had an epic inc at Lvl 19 but leveled to 20 before opening and got the extra rewards

You would get level 19 rewards because you are level 19. What is the concern though?

Maybe not if he is lvl 20 by the time the mission rewards are available, like he said in his post.

I would think (I am not an expert on how this game works) it works like most things in this game, rewards are determined at time of award, not when initiated. I’m thinking it would work like incubators.

I don’t think there should be any calculation. The scaling of rewards is an utterly unfair decision that nobody shouldn’t have even thought of in the first place. It’s not in any way justifiable.