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How Would The In-game Hybrids Live if They Existed during The Time of The Actual Dinosaurs?

First up, Geminititan. How would a carnivorous sauropod, whose made diet consisted of pterosaurs, live back in the Mesozoic?

Enlighten me

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Being a scavenger?


Well the in-game bio does suggest that they manoeuvre their necks to catch pterosaurs that fly too close, but that doesn’t sound like a very good hunting technique. So, yeah, probably a scavenger

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Some large herbivores today occasionally eat meat to supplement their diets. I think there’s a story of a giraffe in a zoo that used to hunt sparrows (if I remember right, it used to “stalk” them and then squash them flat once it got within striking distance).

I suppose a carnivorous sauropod could have a more gracile body, since it wouldn’t need the massive gut of a large herbivore, but I doubt anything that big would be able to move fast enough to hunt (save for maybe their tails). Speaking of size, considering the energy expenditure involved with hunting, and the sheer quantity of food a growing individual would need, I doubt they’d get as big as we’d like them to be.

But (like in the Rajakylosaurus description, I believe), something that big would probably be able to bully other, more agile predators away from their kills, and thus sustain itself.


Geminititan I don’t think could exist in real life. With all that body mass it would need to hunt and eat constantly which would be energy inefficient unless it remained stationary nearly all the time. It would most likely need to bully other carnivores off of fresh kills. A diet of snatched pterosaurs just couldn’t sustain an animal so large. A Tyrannosaurus would require 500kg of meat and bone a day, Geminititan would need nearly 700kg assuming it retains Diplodocus’s size.

Maybe it could hunt like a Komodo dragon with a surprise deep puncturing bite to weaken an animal, and then follow at slow pace until the creature is too weak to fend it off any longer. I would assume it would target young herbivorous sauropods in this manner.

Any others you want a theory for?


They’d all go extinct, and the only thing left will be a festive-looking chicken species.

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Guys, it’s a genetic abomination. They aren’t meant to be able to exist in real life.

Come on, what’s wrong with a a little psuedo-scientific approach? You’ve seen Walking with Dinosaurs right? Maybe some other dinosaur related documentary? What’s wrong with imagining these creatures to exist? It’s not like they did for real - we all know that. Don’t be a stick in the mud and play along :relieved:

And speaking of which, I concur with DinoMaster - I can see it hunting younger saurapods and maybe smaller herbivores like Iguanodon. But like, those of the elderly age. I can’t see Geminititan going faster than 30 mph, so it would most likely adopt the stalking technique until it got close enough to its prey before attacking.

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Go ahead, I’m just saying don’t let the lack of scientific accuracy ruin the fun.

Pretend to be a tree, and sit in a forest. When a pterosaur decides to come lower to perch in a tree or on the ground, either just snatch them with ur mouth or stomp on them. It wouldn’t really need to be worried about getting preyed on at the very least. Plus considering its fused with Diplodocus, it would probably eventually adapt and learn to eat its veggies too. It could be one of the few dinos with a balanced diet.

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Part of the fun is explaining the seemingly unexplainable.

I suppose it sounds like we’ve been nothing but buzzkill to the idea so far, but we have come up with some useful explanations.

Something like Geminititan would probably be a wandering opportunist, scavenging or stealing kills whenever the chance presents itself.
The Komodo Dragon idea would work, if it found a way to sneak up close enough to something to land the bite (I’m pretty sure herbivores and carnivores alike would steer clear of this thing). There’s no question of the poisoned creature being stolen by another carnivore, as long as Gemini can keep up with it. Which wouldn’t be a problem if it targeted slow creatures that aren’t used to having to outrun predators, like Sauropods or Ankylosaurs (although there might still be a risk of injury from them). A dead sauropod would almost certainly keep a Geminititan satiated for a considerable length of time.
If it was omnivorous, it could switch between diets, which would always be useful, if it had a generalist’s dentition. But that might reduce the lethality of its bite.

As for hunting pterosaurs, perhaps it could mimic a sauropod carcass to attract wandering scavengers and opportunists, which would include the largest pterosaurs.

Also, imagine one hiding in a grove of trees, knocking one over to trap unsuspecting herbivores. Not very realistic, bit I think it’s an interesting idea.
Alternatively, since it is a Koolasuchus superhybrid, perhaps it could ambush prey at the water’s edge, reaching out at them with its long neck. Pterosaurs have to drink too, after all. Perhaps it could have a lifestyle similar to a Hippo. They’re herbivores, but that doesn’t stop them from being deadly.

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Oh this is about geminititan. Well I can think of it being a very dangerous animal. I think it would hide in the trees and wait for pterosaurs to fly and all of a sudden… it comes out and snatches them from the air and crunches them. It would also scavenge for carcasses, hatchlings or recently killed dinosaurs. It would also be in the water and wait for prey, as I can also see it eating fish. I also can see it hunting down small little dinos like monopholosaurus, dracorex and ornithomimus, because their small and would be easy to kill if ambushed. Note now I said ambushed. They wouldn’t be able to run into one and eat it, they would have to hide and wait for a moment to strike. They could also stomp on them and kill them with that weight. However, would it ever eat plants? Well I think there’s a chance. It could be an omnivore that’s mainly carnivorous, where it usually eats pterosaurs, fish and small dinos, but if it can’t find much luck with meat, it goes and eats plants. They wouldn’t always do this, but would do it if they had no other choice.

So far Geminititan seems like it would be an opportunistic scavenger who is an omnivore and only eats plants if nothing else is available. Its diet consists of pterosaurs, carcasses, smaller dinos, and plants

Well, it’s immune to all negative things. I guess starvation would be included lol so it doesn’t need to eat. It’s just that boss.


i’ll wait for the post about dracoceratops, telling it would be at the top of food chain.
:speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil:


I could see it being a smaller saurpod then others that sits with its neck in the trees and snatches pterosaurs that sit too close. I could also see it bullying smaller predators off kills

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All negative things apart from a conveniently-placed marine reptile.

If I remember right, Mosasaur ancestors were monitor lizard-like creatures right? Why not add one of those to the game as an Indominus counter?

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I think it would ambush it’s prey from the woods,bite em at it’s neck,tail slap and then stomping it to death.

One creature that l would like you to do is procertomimus it is a interesting carnivore.

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