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How would you boost a level 30 version of your favorite non-hybrid dino?

Mine is triceratops. Here is how I’d boost him (I like to think they’re males. Life finds a way)

Show a gif style in fieldguide, or show how you have a level 30 boosted version of your favorite non-hybrid!

Have fun doing this!

We are making progress. I ended up dumping my boost into my tournament team so Rex got a little left out on a few boost levels and I threw a random speed on it lol probably won’t do that next time after reset.

10 Health/20 Attack/0 Speed on Titanoboa (epic) would be my preferred way if I had the resources to be bothered.

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I just need some more attack boosts to finally be done with Donatello. I know it gets eaten by Rex but I love it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would want to do a sino with 20 attack and 10 hp. He’s my big cow


Allo g2
Either 20/10/0 or

Nice ninja you got there

But also

Trykosaurus: allow me to introduce myself

On the rare Ignore Purro and Sucho and on dream ignore the hybrids

I don’t hate the idea but my friend will lol though I don’t like people that would over level a sino at least past 20


I don’t see why not. Good for advantage tournaments as its hybrids stink

Just replaced my last non hybrid; velociraptor with maxima. So sad. I’ll get allo to thirty some dat

I did something similar with all rarities. I have it on a piece of paper somewhere

This thread scares me

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Postosuchus. Attack 20. Speed 10.

Ferocious Impact: 5,947 damage.

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Well, considering my favorite real dino is Velociraptor… MAX SPEED AND THE REST INTO ATTACK!!! evil laugh

P.S. Yeah, I realize that probably wouldn’t be terribly dangerous in this game, but I wanted to make the joke. :grin::grin::grin:

I simply love Titanoboa, so its def my choice.

In addition, it also helps deal with pesky speedy dodgers. And more often than not, people often forget the On Escape Rampage🤭