How would you change boosts?

I would just make them available during strike events, and campaigns but what about you?

  • They’re fine
  • Remove them from arenas
  • What are boost?
  • It would be fine if it got a rework(please specify)

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Simple rework: change speed boosts to armour boosts (maintains balance); limit the max per attribute to 15.


No change. Removal is not an option, separate arenas are not an option, a full reset would mess things up even more, and they’ve been through the rework grinder way too many times.


Yes, speed is the one that brakes everything. Other boosts are manageable


To be honest the other boosts add variety so every match isn’t the same.

Also make it marginally easy to redistribute - maybe 75% refund

Speed boost removal, although not sure armor would be a good idea. I mean can you imagine the Smilonemys?!
Actually, picture this: 100% armor turtle.


it is no longer turtle. just shell


I voted rework.

they give too much stat gain. not counting speed boosts, it’s about between 5-10 extra levels on top of a lv 30 dino in health or damage. That is a whole heck of a lot and speed boosts add another layer that can’t accurately be measured.

They aren’t meant to be the go to thing to increase your team strength, but they currently are. we need to bring it back some so that leveling creatures is still the most relevant aspect.

I would also ask for another arena for unboosted play, but as others have said, it’s going to split the player base too much and those spending money to buy boosts will stop since there won’t be any players for them to use them on. However, i feel as if that would happen even if we didn’t add an unboosted arena. it probably won’t happen as fast, but players are leaving the game for whatever reason. Unbalanced matchmaking, boosts, bugs. we are already slowly loosing the playerbase. An unboosted arena, if done right can coexist with the boosted arena. Something like a battle limit. x amount of battles in the unboosted arena then you have to play y+ amount of battles int he boosted arena to continue playing. that would get players in both and not all jumping ship. (would be frustrating if you don’t want to play the boosted arena, but there isn’t a way to have both open without a huge split in the palyerbase)

At this point since boosts have become an integral part of the game, removing them will be costly to the company. not just loss of revenue, but the mass of refunds they would have to do. There is no way to make everyone happy. It’s not going to happen. Ludia will have to find a lesser evil here to keep as many players as possible without degrading what people worked for/ spent money on.

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make it only apply on lvl30 creatures, instead of each individual stat it would increase like lvl ups only changing the health and attack up to 5 lvls, so it would be like having a creature at lvl 35, it would not affect players in lower lvl arenas and make players want to lvl up their creatures


oh no, it would be imortal only taking damage from armor piercing moves, and sometimes half that because of the shield in dig in

Rework is the way to go but I can’t say with certainty how to do it that would please all sides.

Something like 10 boosts maximum on any one creature but a cap of 5 per stat might work with some adjustments. That way you can boost but also boost more than just the dominant 8 on your team. We might see some variety then.

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Boosts are only part of the problem.

Matchmaking is the bigger issue. It appears matchmaking bases match on the 8 available creatures rather than the 4 chosen creatures. If this were changed we’d have better matches and less frustration, although I think frustration is part of the marketing strategy.

I think we’re past the point of saving it when they reworked boosts last time and placed an actual cash value on them.


Personally, I’d just rework speed boosts - 10 max per dino, each raises 1 point only.

Speed boosts are fine in small doses. Does it matter if Charlie is faster than a regular Velociraptor? No. Does it matter if Thor is faster than an Erlidominus? Yes.


the ultimate phorusaura and erlidom counter

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I voted rework boosts. If player wants to pump up speed, the other 2 stats should be decreased accordingly. This will hopefully retain some form of balance and keep arena fun. This is not a new idea, someone else has suggested it before.

Whatever the solution we all seem to agree that speed boosts are the problem - a forum united (how often does that happen?)

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just because your T-Rex can be faster than a velociraptor, dosen’t mean it should be.

speed is the most important balancing point of the game. it’s how you make counters (along with move set) to things.

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Speed boosts make speedsters worse, and they generally make some normally good creatures unusable unboosted. They also cause general unbalance and make the arena a complete mess. I say get rid of them, and convert all of the existing speed boosts into a new type of boost called a neutral boost. A neutral boost can be used as either a health boost or an attack boost.

Rework them.
Apply a reasonable value on them and reset.
Increase the pool of dinos that the 4 are chosen from to 16.
Only allow 5 speed boost to any Dino moving speed up by 1 on each boost.
Increase the highest a Dino can be to 40 from 30 by adding level up boosts for use after level 30 only. So maybe 50 level up boosts raise Dino to 31, 75 to 32, 100 to 33 etc…
Only sell them twice a week like they were before on Weds and Sunday, and never in higher than minimal multiples.
Do away with the 25/50/100 etc…
1 boost is 1 boost and it costs x amount for that 1 boost.
And you can apply a maximum on any Dino to the level the Dino is. Remembering that non more than 5 can be applied to speed.
Boosts won in strike towers will be 1 boost.
Boosts purchased will be 1 boost twice a week.
Boosts won’t be given in incubators any more, there will be a higher in game cash reward instead.

But dinos like Diplovenator, that are only 1 speed point faster than the dinos they’re supposed to counter will still suffer.