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How would YOU change the battle arena?

Okay, so, It’s no surprise that about 95.9% of everyone on these forums hates, or dislikes at least one aspect, of the battle arena. So I come to you, wonderful forum people, to ask you a question, How would YOU change the battle arena?

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Once upon a time I said make each Arena dinosaur level bracket specific. When we had 10 Arenas it was an easy 3 bracket system (1-3, 4-6, 7-9…etc). Once you have unlocked an Arena you can always go play a previous one providing you change your team to one where every dinosaur is within its level bracket. After the Aviary I would say the gloves are off and you can play what you want. Obviously a boosted dinosaurs effective level is increased by its tier.


Remove boosts.

All matches at all levels dependent on trophy level.

Matches only with teams within 200 trophies of yours.

Let the AI battles give trophies.


Make it 100% trophy based


Remove Swap In Rampage, Exclusively trophy based matches, option to play in a non boosted environment.


Remove Dracoceratops, Procerathomimus, Miragaia, Paramogloph, and all stymogloph relatives (that is, dinosaurs and hybrids that look like a stymogloph) from the arena. Then everything is A OK! :smirk:

Oops! Wrong emoji! I meant to do this:


Trophy count alone with a +/- 200 trophy match making limit

NOT from trophy count alone and here’s why:

I’m currently around the 5100 trophy range and because of the current rules about matchmaking I am forced to battle against players with Lv30 dino’s where my highest 2 are at lv26, rest is lv24-25, and I only have 4 boosted dino’s on my team (no thor or dracocera in my team)

I do agree that the first check for matchmaking should be trophy based within a +/- 200 range

the second check should be the average level of the dino’s : we can battle against an opponent with on average up to 2.5 level higher dino’s (3 levels would be a tad too high imo) , but boosts do not need to be counted because currently boosts have less impact overall unlike the previous boost system, however when calculating the average level of the team the LOWEST level dino should be omitted because players could put a lv1 on their team to lower the average level of their team (sure someone could put a few very high level dino’s on their team but this system should at least be a bit more fair than the current one)

Most of this is coz of the trophy reset at the start of the new season. I’m having the same problem with a similar sounding team. It will pass as people string out.

It is annoying tho. Dont really see why trophies reset.