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How would you improve Dilorach?

Diloracherius is in a pretty bad spot right now, with much of the meta being either immune or a tank that can take it out. How would you improve it? Here’s a kit I think would fit well with the current meta.

Health: 3500
Attack: 1500
Speed: 129

  • Minimal Speedup Strike
  • Distracting Impact
  • Nullifying Rampage
  • Greater Stunning Rampage
    Immune to Stun

The idea for this version was to have a bit more staying power, with the additional benefit of being able to actually handle things like Erlidom, Indo, Tryo, Tryko, etc with Null, and be a little less situational but not being restricted to a x1 attack for it’s first turn out. What do you think? How would you improve this dino?


My version of Dilorach
HP : 3900
DMG : 1450
Speed : 129
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 5%

Minimal speed up strike
Distracting impact
Stunning Rampage
Rampage and run

Immune to deceleration


Ehh ya then it would now lose to tryko without stun; honestly tho just give it back distracting impact and give 131 speed the it’s fine


I think the best thing would be to remove the stunning immunity from the indoraptors. That would help all the creatures that rely on stunning.


Change superiority strike to cautious strike. Done.


I couldn’t agree more, but people would riot in the streets if that happened.

There’s always riots in the streets. Part of being a leader is being able to discriminate between valid and invalid criticism. If they think a decision would make the game better, I would hope they could implement it without overreacting to negative backlash.

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I agree, poor dilorach is in a pretty bad spot and I don’t see them very often eversince the new immunes, I think this would be good for it:

3750 HP
1250 DMG
5 crit
0 armor
129 speed

Minimal speedup strike
Distracting impact
Nullifying rampage
Greater stunning rampage

Immune to stuns

Superiority Strike becomes MSS.
Distracting Strike becomes Distracting Impact.
Immune to Distraction.
Everything else same.


Health: 3600
Damage: 1200
Speed: 130

Superior Vulnerability
Distracting Rampage
Greater Stunning Rampage
Impact and Run

Immune to Deceleration
Immune to Stuns

Reasoning: Although with this version Dilorach still lacks a first turn damage move, Superior Vulnerability is technically a 1.5x damage move, and sets up it’s double rampage combo even better. Damage had to be lowered by a fair bit to compensate. Immunity to Deceleration allows it to slow others, whilst not being slowed itself, and with an extra speed point thanks to it’s Deinocheirus parent, Dilorach can always be fastest unless faced with an immune speedup dino.

Health: 3600
Damage: 1500
Speed: 129

Cautious strike
Cautious impact
Cautious rampage



I would just give him distracting impact and 130/1 speed, to be faster than Erlidom and Spyx. To be honest, for me it’s still powerful as a revenge killer.

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And it’s one of the few dinos that can two shot Thor when set up plus with the rat dead it’s now viable again

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Just use Ludia’s game plan - buy boosts and apply 30 tiers to it.


If Indo G1 can handle the nerf, I’m all for it. Creatures that rely on stun in general aren’t in a very good spot right now, and you can’t give them all new movesets.
Tuora for one would benefit too.