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How would you improve Pterovexus further?

As we know, Pterovexus is in a good position right now, but i began to brainstorm some more ways it could be improved. Feel free to share your ideas as well.

How id change Pterovexus would be to keep the stats as is, but then change the movepool slightly


Nullifying Strike
Defense Shattering Rampage
Distracting Impact
Lethal Swoop

Swap in Wound

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Seems like that might be OP but also looks like everything I ever wanted in a bleeder

Edit: Maybe pinning strike instead of nullifying

3600-3750 HP
1300 Damage
Evasive strike
Distracting Impact
Definitive Rampage
Lethal swoop

half of the relevant dinos are now immune to bleeding… forget it now