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How would you nerf Rat, yet make it still relevant?

If i were in charge, heres how id nerf it:

-remove Regeneration (neither of its components have this, so this move is 100% out of place on it)

-change swap in rampage to “swap in impact”

-reduce it’s base attack to 1000

-reduce its hp to 2800

What do you guys think of rat if it had this? It would be much worse, yet still able to do the job it usually does. And of course, feel free to add your own nerfs

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~Replace Swap in Rampage with Swap in Shielded Strike
~Increase its damage to 1300
~Replace Regenerate with Impact&Run
~Reduce HP to 2800
~Gain 10% Armor

Now it can still swap in for damage, but it’s not a 2/3 HP tactical nuke that can return 6 times. Pinning effects would actually work on it now as well. It would still be viable to be used normally


New kit:

Attack: 1050
Health: 3000
Speed: 109
Armor: 0%
Crit: 5%

  • Decelerating Strike
  • Instant Rampage
  • Greater Stunning Rampage
  • Instant Cleanse (Priority, cleanse all negative effects. 1 delay, 2 cooldown)
    Passive: Swap in Stun (maybe SI acute stun?)

Essentially, it’s a similar idea to the current one, but the massive damage isn’t dealt from instantly swapping in. First it needs to swap in and THEN pop off it’s instant rampage to attack. Gives you the opportunity to actually counter it, but keeps it relevant.

  • Remove Regeneration or Acute stun
  • Lower Damage

Didn’t you say “still relevant”? That would be total garbage! And so would yours @Asta! I think you guys are letting the rat-hate influence your judgement :rofl:

3k HP is already pretty low… The creature needs to be fast (or slow the opponent) and have high damage for it to be useful. I think what I would do is:

-Remove Regeneration and replace it with Definite Strike.
-Increase it’s HP to 3210 minimum
-Change the Speed Up Strike to Decelerating Strike (which TriceraG2 has)
-Change the SIA to Swap in Definite Strike, like Dracorex

Maybe keep the Swap in Stun of TriceraG2 (cause I’m really not against the idea of removing all SIA with damage)… but then its stats would have to be a little better… I think that would put it more at the level of Monolometrodon, where it should be.


Actually I wasn’t mentioning that based off my dislike of it. :laughing:

I think its stupid for ANY creature to have both of those moves. Remove one or the other. Change them to something else

I used to use it when it had that Swap in Stun and 119 base speed. I miss it like that.

Indeed I would prefer that Draco, but with a better moveset and stats


Happy forums anniversary, @Arnold!

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And I don’t wanna mess with the rat… my fingers would get all messy.

Haha, thanks I guess… One year already, geez… I’ve been playing for a little longer than that, but I had no idea there was an actual forum like this… I remember I came looking for it, raging, to complain about Stegoceratops being too OP… Oh how I miss THAT kind of “OP” :joy:

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Yeah, I made an account to point out the Dart issue… still get that. I also miss the ‘old OP’ :wink:

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It should get some nerf, but what you suggest is a bit harsh. Getting rid of regeneration for start would be enough and still make it viable probably dropping from tyrant to apex mid which would be ok in my opinion.

In my opinion it doesnt need to be relevant at all. Its made from two commons, just like monolometrodon and look how broken that thing isnt. Revert it to its original kit, it was fine back then.

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I’d leave everything the same, except regen. I’d switch that to cleansing impact.

OMG stop already! People have nothing better to QQ about…Nerf this one, Nerf that one…said many times fight fire with fire…those who say 'I refuse to use it ’ then not much more can be said…

Remove swap in attack and replace moveset with a Stigymoloch moveset

Leave it as it except remove Regeneration. Without that it loses the ability to keep fixing, removing the lockdown and bouncing back time and time again. Then it would be fine.


Monomimus solution.

Nerf it at monomimus level and make it an ingredient for an unique. So it can be still relevant in medium arenas, but not in higher arenas. In higher arenas you’ll need its unique hybrid to compete.

Also, forget about the swap in rampage once and for all. The unique may have some damage in swap that is not totally OP. An unique from the rat and maiasaura is something proposed from a few members of my alliance. You swap in stun, with a bigger health pool and an instant rampage. It’s a cooler way of finishing off an opponent.

This seems most viable regen and run to cleanse and run, . Still can kill/hurt the unarmored dinos, but with only cleanse,less the regen, it can only swap in once or a second time at best before dying.
Changing to swap in stun makes it useless vs all Immune dinos (especially vs 2 of its “prime” targets, Erlido and Magna).

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Taking off its regen would be a huge nerf to it, so I’d keep the swap-in rampage. The regen is what makes it possible for the Rat to terrorize an entire team over multiple rounds. With health boosts, it’s too strong an ability for such an otherwise crappy dino. With no regen, players will have to be far more selective about when to deploy their Rat, because it’s possible that they won’t kill their opponent and will hand them a free kill.

That said… maybe it would deserve a tiny stat boost if that was the case, so it actually had a chance to battle instead of being a single-use nuke to take out a single tough dinosaur. No one really plays the Rat unless theirs has ridiculously boosted health and can take a couple hits before regenerating. The few times I’ve been able to do stuff like use its speed-up and hit an enemy multiple times instead of throwing it directly into the jaws of the incoming Thor, my Rat’s actually been fun to use. A little faster or tankier, and you might have yourself a reasonable fighter.

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