How would you rebalance raids?

After seeing all the hatred for the new raids(which I truly understand) ,I want to ask you guys: How would you rebalance the raids? Maybe even the old ones?

For starters

Rinchicyon raid boss: level 19 changed to level 17

Group Fierce Rampage changed to Group Fierce Impact

Andrewtops raid: Counter Vulnerability changed to Exposing Counter

Critical chance changed to 15%

Megalotops: 3 turns changed to 2 turns

That’s all I have for now.

oh I forgot to mention that Random and group moves should not bypass taunt otherwise stated as the whole point of taunt is so that the boss and/or its minion specifically focus on you and not your group or a random teammate

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Get rid of those endless counter attacks which makes raids take forever

  1. I’d make the Revenge moves consistent, i.e. it only activates when BOTH minions are down (looking at you, Gorgotrebex)

  2. For Andrewtops I would get rid of the Revenge mechanic entirely, it already has plenty of group attacks, and either make the counter a 1x damage or Inflict Vulnerability only.

  3. I’d let the players have the option to bring in four of their own creatures, and simply have the camera go from the fastest on the team to the slowest when letting the player select their moves. It makes it easier if you’re on when nobody else is or one of the people you would usually run with just can’t make it in for any reason.

  4. For Stygidaryx, I’d replace all but one of those DoT moves because it’s utterly ridiculous that it can constantly inflict DoT.

  5. ALL Raids are 3 rounds or less, because some of us don’t have all day to be raiding.


I like the idea, but it raises the counter argument that no one would do the group raid with friends or alliance members, which is the point of them.

Yes please! Some do take far too long. Raids should not be any longer than your typical Arena battle.