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How would you spend 400k DNA

Hey guys, I need your help, I’ve saved 400,000 DNA, I wanna know how would you spend it? My goal is to be able to win in tournaments but without unbalancing my team and having to wait tons of time for cooldowns, also any tip for balancing better my team will be welcome.

My top level creatures are 5 hybrids all level 20 (Indoniminus, ostaposaurus). And some legendaries level 40 and few VIP level 20.

Thanks for the help!

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Are all the tournament hybrids unlocked?

Actually I just noticed your level, so never mind to that first question. I would focus on getting the Super hybrid ingredients with out unbalancing my line up. This will probably be the best long term investment.


how much SDNA do you have?

Looking at your dino’s you don’t have many good herbs, with that being said if you have like 5k or more Mono sDNA I’d make a lvl 40 Stegocerotops and then several Monostegotops.

Same for Amphibs and Diplosuchus, With that sDNA being in rotation now for a few weeks you should have enough to make several I would think.

Guess it depends on how you play tournaments too but more herbs and amphibs would not be a bad idea for your line up. JMO

Other than that the lvl 30 and up rare and super rare hybrids can be pretty good and hatch times are short so you could burn though 400k DNA pretty quick

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Great! Thanks!! And yes I’m level 77, with enough sDNA, maybe I’ll go for more rare and super rare hybrids. And for some :herb: and :droplet: dinos.

Thanks a lot!

Herbivores,amphibians,pterosaurs :+1:


Something to keep in mind when going to making Monostegotops is that to take a lvl 31 Stegocerotops to lvl 40 will require around 10million food.

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How is your coin production?

If you can’t regularly max out coins, you should invest in some dinos to make coins. (30min common hybrids do very well if you can collect every 30min or even every 30min for a few hours a day.)

Coins->Dino custom trades turns coins production into DNA production.

I would get Segnosuchus and Cerazinosaurus. Max out more of those level 40 legendaries.

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With coins good, I’m making 20million a day, I was poor in my screenshot bc I did some nice trades :joy: thanks! I’ll try to add more coins per day

Thanks for the tip! Sometimes I trade my legendaries for DNA, and then buy hybrids. Is that ok? Or I should add more legendaries level 40 and stop trading those Dinos?? Obviously the T-Rex is always a keeper and then fused with a raptor for example.

I make 20million coins per hour.

Do you have any coins->XXX trades you don’t have the coins for?
Can you do 1 coins->Dino trade a day?

If not, I’d try to increase your coin production.

Trading dinos you can’t hatch right now for DNA/LP/DB is ok. Food is ok sometimes too.

Hybrids are the end game dinos.


What dinosaurs other than the 3 common hybrids help in quick coin production? Thanks :blush:

Congratulations on 400k dna. That’s epic.
Solid insight already provided by other members.

Aside from what’s already been said… carnoraptor and tapejalosaurous. solid value.

The one thing is…you can probably get those for free if you trade coins for dinos.


Yeah I would maybe still get a few lv 30 Tapejalosaurus and Carnoraptor comes often of the coin to Jurassic trades… esp. when you only have 75-80M in the bank.

I feel like you stating you make 20million coins per hour isn’t exactly giving all the performance stats/details of your coin production. There is a catch right? That 20mil an hr requires you to collect every 30 minutes give or take no?

What is your coin production if you were to only collect twice a day? Probably not a whole lot more than 20mil because all those coin producing dino’s reach full cap in 30 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong your coin production is impressive but at the cost of having to baby sit the game, which is fine, that’s what you like and works for you but that might not work for everyone and is something to think about before investing in the strategy. Just saying.

Yes, is is every half hour.

But, you have to pick the right Dino’s for how you play your game. It isn’t hard to babysit the game with a 30min timer while watching tv or doing lots of other things.

For you.

Even if i had the time for that it’s not something I personally would want and or enjoy doing. I would get burnt out on it quickly and most likely make me not want to play the game much at all. But again, that’s just me.

A legendary fetches for about ~1500 LP. More level 20 VIPs are always helpful.

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I do this too with my iPads timer. It’s actually not that boring. Collecting the other dinosaurs that don’t fetch as much… yeah that’s boring to me.

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Thanks a lot! I’ve found making nice DNA by selling creatures I won’t use, making all the daily missions, packs and from now on use on daily biasis coins for dinos thanks! Sell those dinos for DNA and put more balanced hybrids.

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