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How would YOU (yes, you) change Dracoceratops?

Imagine, if Ludia asked you, (yes YOU) to change Dracoceratops, how would you? I’ve thought of Three different changes I would make to the rat of Jurassic World, here they are;

Full Blown Attacker - This build capitalizes on Dracoceratops’ power, Stat changes I would make would be: Health: 3000 -> 2600, Speed: 109 -> 105, Damage: 1220 -> 1550, Armor: 0% -> 5%, Critical: 5%. Skill Changes: Minimal Speedup Strike -> Armor Piercing Strike, Rampage -> Instant Rampage, Acute Stun -> Defense Shattering Impact, Regeneration -> Mutual Fury, Swap-In Rampage -> Swap-In Ferocity, Gains Immunity to Distraction. This build focuses much on dealing all-out damage. It gives up it’s Swap-In Rampage for Swap-In Ferocity to boost it’s Instant Rampage which it gains. It loses much Speed and Life in return for more Damage. It loses the ability to stun, for the ability to break shields with Defense Shattering Impact and it loses Regeneration and instead gets Mutual Fury. The added 5% Armor helps its longevity.

Defensive Tank - This build for the rat would make it more defensive. Stat Changes I would make would be: Health: 3000 -> 4700, Speed: 109 -> 107, Damage: 1220 -> 1110, Armor: 0% -> 10%, Critical: 5%. Skill Changes: Minimal Speedup Strike -> Shielding Strike, Rampage -> Instant Invincibility, Acute Stun -> Adrenaline Pulse, Regeneration -> Regeneration, Swap-In Rampage -> Swap-In Invincibility. Gains Immunity to Damage Over Time. Gains Greater Rending Counter. The added bulk on it allows Dracoceratops to stay on the field, chipping away at it’s enemies with its counter. Having two shielding skills and a swap-in shield and having two healing skills ensures that taking it down will be tough. The added 10% Armor helps it out as well.

Mixed Attacker/Off-Tank - This build gives Dracoceratops the best of both worlds, Stat Changes I would make would be: Health: 3000 -> 3220, Speed: 109 - 109, Damage: 1220 - 1240, Armor: 0% - 0%, Critical: 5%. Skill Changes: Minimal Speedup Strike -> Defense Shattering Strike, Rampage -> Instant Rampage, Regeneration -> Regenerate and Run, Acute Stun -> Dig-In. Swap-in Rampage -> Swap-In Ferocity, Gains Immunity to Damage Over Time. This build gives Dracoceratops both attacking power and longevity. The newly gained Swap-In Ferocity pairs well with its newly gained Instant Rampage, and if it gets low on health it can Regenerate and run away.

I’m curious to see how you would change Jurassic World’s Rat, would you give it 9999 power and let it keep its Swap-In Rampage? would you give it 1 Health and 1 Speed? :slight_smile:


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Honestly i would make a kamikaze dino able to take about 80% of a same lvl apatosaurus. I would keep everything the same besides the health which would be 2540 and the moves. Which will be armor piercing strike, adrenaline pulse, acute stun, rampage, and it would keep its rampage.

I meant it would keep its swap in rampage.

I would remove all swap in direct damage. Just have swap in effects including wound


I think I would make it a swap in stuner. Look at a Dracorex, doesn’t it look like it should be fast? I think I would give it like 118 speed, I’d make it a glass cannon that stuns. Stats would be like
HP 3300
Damage 1150
Speed 118
Moves Minimal Speed-up strike ( I guess, I really don’t like this move), Acute stun, Dig in, G stunning rampage.

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I would terminate it… That would force a lot of players to learn how to do battles!


Hmm a stun based Dracoceratops would be nice. I like the sound of it. :slight_smile:


I see so many people who rely on DC so much. Granted i used it for a while, but very few victories were because of it. It was a baby compared to others at my trophy level. I’ve seen people just give up a match because i killed their DC that they brought out as soon as my first dino was in range of its rampage. It’s like they don’t think they can win with out it.
Onto the actual topic:
I’d make it a glass cannon damage dino. Make its rampage an instant rampage, change its swap in to an impact or a stunning strike. Basic attack becomes an armor piercing strike. make regenerate adrenaline pulse. Hp becomes 2600. Attack between 1300 -1400. Speed would only increase slightly, possibly up to 115? No armor. bump crit chance to 10 or 15%.

If the stats seem out of wack, feel free to correct. I’m not that good at balancing dino stats.

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Just change the swap-in rampage for swap-in strike, it would still maintain its position, but you wouldn’t have to be afraid of it taking down anything below 4000 health


remove the priority of the swap in move, if players want it to strike first boost it’s speed and sacrifice health and attack

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With the new realism coming soon I would bring a slow motion in for the death of the rat. The sheer joy of watching it slowly dying would be so wonderful, so I would hope to face it in every match up.

The move I would add would be a new one, that being named slow death. This comes into play as soon as it swaps in and rampages. Any Dino the player it swaps into automatically puts up a 100% invincible mirror shield . As soon as the unsuccessful rampage hits the shield it bounces off and hits the rat with a dose of lethal wound as well as the rampage damage. An impenetrable see through cage drops onto the rat which is 100% airtight and for at least a minute we get to watch it gasping for breath as the wound takes effect too. In order to get the full effect we get close ups, and slow motion towards the end.

Just to make it even better, anyone who is using the rat can’t take it out of their team for at least 10 games after it suffers as described above. Plus it’s guaranteed to be in the chosen team of four in their next ten games. AI will automatically make sure it’s used too, when the user least expects it.

How do you like those apples?


Acute stun should be swapped for stunning strike and/ or Regen needs to be changed to a weaker kind of Regen (25% health) or swapped with a completely different move.

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  1. Dracoceratops - The shapeshifter!

Health = As high as the basic attack the new opponets dino will have.

Attack = As high as the basic attack the new opponents dino will have

No regeneration.

Swap in damage = 20 % of the opponents dinos health.

This means, the DC is a fixed dino.
While leveling it up you getting more % of the swap in effect.

Something like that.

  1. Dracoceratops - The ghost!

No damage.
No health.

Only swap in damage = 30% of the opponets dinos health.

After swap in, it dies.

  1. Dracoceratops - The selfhate is real.

Swap in effect = 25% Damage based on opponets dinos health. Damage comes to yourself aswell of the same amount.

Moveset to Stigymoloch
Swap in attack changed to swap in headbutt

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Me? No clue.
I just take what Ludia gives me and adapt to it.
I don’t really put thought into what I would change as it would be a waste of time.

Thank you, everyone, for sharing all of your ideas! :smiley:


Easy @Myfishdrowned nerf it

Put it in a sanctuary…as carnivore food of course!


I’d make it a swap in strike rather a swap in rampage. I’d also change regenerate to something that heals but does not remove the swap out lock.

Essentially it needs a reduce in attack because it’s too strong to have rampage and the ability to remove the lock down means it’s too much of a rinse and repeat.

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My favorite idea is purely stylistic–When swapping in, let the Swap-In Rampage animation be its intro.