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How y’all doing on tournament?


First 30 min I drop 200 trophies. Anybody having better luck?


I actually won 2 matches and reached the highest I’ve ever been, within top 200! But I’m sure I will be on a losing streak soon.


I was holding the top 400 ish range but finally just fell out

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Aw well keep at it guys I’m sure you’ll climb back up. It sucks now cuz I was thriving in aviary and now that tournament has started I’m barley keeping my head above lockwoodestate

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Getting obliterated.

This is not fun.

And friendly battles is still broken for me.

So… sad times :disappointed:


I hate it.


Won 4 matches so far and lost 2. Already encountered a battle bug with meggie. Currently at #168 but that will probably change soon lol.


Im all over the place lol. I love the first day of a new season.


I was able to play right after 10 a.m. EST (tournament start), which is always fun because few players have started to battle. Starting out with 4,676 trophies I lost my first battle - and found myself ranked #34 on the LB (needless to say, much higher than I ever was; I had to take screen shots, LOL). Then I won several battles. Currently holding on > 4,700.

The first day is always crazy… up and down, everyone bunched together. So don’t let it discourage you… it’ll soon be back to “normal”.

Best of luck to all of you! Hope you reach your goal(s).



Stopped arena progress at the start of arena 7 last night, haven’t been able to get online to update my app yet. I’m kinda leery about tournaments now, and probably won’t be battling much until the thing ends. This way I can keep my trophy count, and not worry about getting dropped back into the purgatory of Lockdown.


It seems to be a better strategy to sit out for few days, let the bottleneck clear out a little, then start battling for your trophies.

Or just ignore the tourney all together, like a lot of players are doing now.

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I’ve been way too lazy to battle lately. I do one or 2 every 3 days. I went from “can’t have empty slots” to “idc” in no time flat :joy:
I did one battle today and won.

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I have a feeling the arena will take a couple days before things even out …

Until then, it’s Gunna be a hot mess

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Yo im facing level 29 trykos at 5k damnnnn homie :rofl:


I feel u ;-;



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Ouch bro!!
Haha, I saw a 29 rinex yesterday and just had me shocked …
I see a 29 tryko and I’m just gunna wave the white flag :white_flag: you win, no contest :joy::sweat_smile:


I am at 4100 and first opponent had a 23 Thor then 22 Tuoramoloch, they were currently at 4240.

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My trophy count is… Free… Freeee falling. -253 since the trophy count rebalance.

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Just hit 4750.

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