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How you compare dino level with dino effectiveness?

Let’s say I have a tyrant dino that is currently level 24 (Magma). But I have another that is close to tyrant, but level 26 or 27 (Utahsino). Which one makes your team? I was thinking each tier might be worth 2 levels. So maybe a 26 high apex and a 24 tyrant might be pretty similar and you use the one that makes your team the best? I have a level 30 Apex or a level 23 tyrant. Both are tanks. Tempted to change it up when boosts come out cause the level 30 guy has no upside, so maybe a slight downgrade until I level the other guy up more, but eventually a major upgrade.

Overall though I’m tempted to say 2 levels per tier. So a level 29 Thor is still more valuable than a level 26 Spyx. As an example. Maybe the tie goes to the better dino?