How you feel with Ludia constantly change attributes on dinos?

Hey Folks.

How You feel when Ludia constantly change attributes on dinos?

Last example is 50% less bleed on Thor in next uppdate.

People who boosted counter-dinos with bleed see their boosts becoming usless.

Last time it was Indoraptor Gen 2 who got usless.

Do you like to hunt coins for weeks,
level up dinos who later are not relevant?

Is the effort of hunting worth it, if the game change so dramaticly?


Completely fine with it. Encouraging it even.


If they didn’t what would be the point of playing?
We would have all been done a long time ago.
Then what would we do.

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I can see what you are saying @W1ckety, but surely they could do something that wouldn’t make players who have spent time, effort and money on building a creature so upset?

Like not creating op dinos in the first place. That would be a simple enough ask wouldn’t it? One would kind of hope by now they would know what balance is.

They could create new dinos that were worth having, that give us reasons to continue playing. Instead we get updates that buff dinos that don’t need buffs, and nerf others that are already useless. This creates understandable frustration for the players.

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Not sure why you’d boost a bleeder to go up against Thor when distraction is the obvious choice…


I’m fine when they think it through and actually balance things that matter (looking at you Dimorph)

Actually Spinoconstrictor was used as a counter to Thor by some people. It’s wounding counter managed to put enough pressure on it and take down enough of its health to put it in an uncomfortable situation or even kill it. Even a lethal wound as a last resort meant Thor could die in 3 turns. Whilst bleeders aren’t an ideal choice they definitely provided some form of insurance in arenas where you can find a Mega Thor that’s faster than all your cunning creatures


Not saying people didn’t use it just saying its an odd choice given that spinocon needs exclusive DNA to create/level. Easier more cost effective options are out there why choose the one that doesn’t have that great a match up?

You dont always draw your distractors, and more options are always good. And of course Thyla with swap-in distract and bleed.


Bleeder is also effective on other dinos.

Tryko, Maxima…

Your perspective of saying ONLY 1 thing is good for 1 other things, is the problem of this game.

There should 5 options for 1 senario.


This is so true and something I don’t think Ludia even realise

Never said spinocon couldn’t have match ups against other creatures, more so that spinocon as a creature is meh at best.

If your playing unboosted or have very few boosts to spare, you look for creatures that are good for multiple scenarios and dont require a massive amount of boosts to do the job. Spinocon was one of them. It takes a massive chunk out of most of what it fights or outright beats it while needing little to no boosts to do the job. And do it well enough that she can be a good bit underleveled compared to the opponent.

Is spinocon the best option? Probably not due to her wierd class and type casting. But she did work wonders against thors and had ok match ups against the unique tanks.

Since thor got that bleed resist, she isnt going to be a good counter to it. And since the rest of the match ups your try to use her for dont really go in her favor, why would you bother making her? An indirect nerf that makes not only spinocon, but some other bleeder-cunning/wild cards not worth the effort to get them.


I think the idea is to make Thor viable for Stygi raid. Without any resistance, Thor might be useless.

I take it as you’re saying the game is never balanced. It never will be because of boosts. That’s why they keep buffing or nerfing creatures. I see both sides of the coin. If boosts were never introduced and all creatures were fairly balanced then the game would get stale real fast. I hate boosts but I think they are a necessary evil that we all have to deal with. Boosts do help keep everything in check. They do force a rebalance every so often because once a creature becomes too OP (because of boosts) then nerfing it will bring it back down to earth. Yeah, that would surely piss off a lot of people but it’s the choice we made at that moment to boost it. The one time boost reshuffle was ok but that should be it. No more. Ludia didn’t have to do that but they did. Keep the current penalty for moving a boost of 50%. Boosts are available everyday. It may take time to get them but they’re out there.

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I was thinking this too, but I think tons of people are gonna skip this raid though because it just isn’t worth their time (daryx is such a niche situational creature people just won’t be willing to put in the time for get 15+ DNA a week)

Changing resistances on dinos is perfectly fine, and some adjustments should be made here and there.

However, the Thor bleed resistance buff was absolutely unnecessary. Bleeders aren’t in a great place already, and this is just pushing them more out of the meta.

Technically, may not be a good idea… Knowing Ludia, in a few more updates from now, they may decide to buff it to the sky, and it won’t be time to start getting DNA for it then…


If this is true, how should players think of the game?

People invest 50.000-250.000 coins to get 1 dino 1 level.

How to motivate players to invest, if their investments later become ”usless”?

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I agree SOMETHING was needed to have a better variation in the arena.

Anyhow, it could also be a option to give Every dino 1-5 points in speed, health, damage.

In that way speedsters would be speedsters.
Chompers would be chompers.
And players could for free adjust how they would want to ”boost” their team. For free.


And Thor would win over another Thor with only 1 Point in difference.