How your parks looking?

Hi all,

I wanted to ask how your parks looking? I still don’t know, how I should stay with. My park now looks like this:

I am still thinking how to rebuild it to loos better for eyes. And still keeping place for:

  • vip building and decorations (i Most love that lagoons and science centers)
  • unique buildings and dec. (Like raptor squad, bumpy boss statues etc
  • Jurassic gate with two eagles, flags and bon fires which symboling enter to the park
  • park oasis for coins effection.
  • Place for some boss paddocks

Second park is for paddocks and others building, which doesn’t have place at main park

So I will happy for any inspiration from you :relaxed:

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Only thing I’ll say is to remove the road from between 2 lines of park Oasis . It’s making you lose some bonus about 40% on each building i guess.


Uhhh I think I may have to fix my park abit

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interesting reaction :grin:

Here are some pictures of my park




Sorna isn’t what I want it to look like yet because I’m waiting for more if not all expansions to be unlocked, but Ludia hasn’t looked into expanding the park level yet. Then Nublar is mostly for decoration, and I have almost all the OG dinos there, aside from commons and Gen 1s of which I replaced the paddocks with the Gen 2s. (like how Spino Gen 2 is missing from 7th and 8th screenshot).

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Picked aesthetics over financial benefit on my Park…

There are many either in Repository or stacked in Sorna which I’ll group a bit later.

I made a type divider but the park is kinda plain gotta be honest
And these are my favourite dinos

Rebuilded - 3 Hours away

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This is real nice lucky, I love the layout here very aesthetically pleasing.

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thx in the middle are reserved places for top favorites :relaxed:

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Here’s my park, nothing, made purely for coin production and not aesthetic reasons along with my statues and other dinos on the side.

My park just looks simple, all dinos out in fresh air. I tried to made it look like a real park with roads (but as of now without any buildings :sweat_smile:)

In isla sorna i have all my superhybrids, tourney hybrids and of course bosses.

Plus i have on nublar small space for my boss trophies. I didnt have that much of them but i will collect more in future.