How'd you do darting Indominus?

How’d everyone do on Indominus??? I’m not upset with 82 considering I don’t do much better on T Rex. :rofl::rofl:


Not too great since targets insist on appearing on tails. But it’s a start?

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Nice!! Still haven’t done mine, but what was it’s movement like? Similar to Trex?

Spinosaurus movements.


17 dna :sweat: it was 116 meters away and I couldn’t go closer as I’m in an area of the world that does not allow data without paying extra money


This what I got…


That 9 is going to haunt you, I know from experience :rofl:


Awesome good job, I’m jealous!

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@Heather is that a threat??? :joy::joy::joy:

@TyrannosaurusLex But still I’m jealous with all your Sino spawn…

This dna is to cover up my frustrations about the strike tower I got a while ago… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I think @Heather means that every time you fuse an indom, it’s going to end with a 9… close to a full fuses worth, but not quite there

Hopefully this makes up for your epic incubator from this morning tho!

9 is better than 6. i got 6 rajaky from an incubator before. so at 6/300 at lvl 20… at least if there’s an event that gives an incubator with 1 legendary DNA, it becomes useful. i have to have that happen 4 times :unamused:

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I hate you all. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I only managed 31, but with the T.rex from yesterday she’s now sitting pretty on Lv 18. If only she’d figure out how to dodge. Maybe it’s time to get her dancing lessons. :laughing:

That would be quite a sight. :rofl:


I haven’t done mine yet, but I’ll be happy with anything that ends in a 2… even if it’s just 2 :joy:
Got 8 from an Arena Epic a while back and it drives me insane.

I managed to dart 52 on Indom.
Then I had 1 fuse to do thanks to being trolled earlier with no TRex event drops but it gave me 50 dna so ended up getting 102 dna in total. :grinning:

I’ll take that :sweat_smile: was really nervous about starting this! That 6 though…


Lol what happened with the strike incubator?

Epic: koolasuchus and spinosaurus gen 2! Great isn’t it? Hahahahah

Compromised full power for the comfort of doing it from my sofa … 95% ish … happy with 89 but that 9 is going to haunt me …

@Hersh Oh yeah… see…what lovely today!! :hugs::hugs::hugs: