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  • I’m heavily boosted, arena is no fun.
  • I’m heavily boosted, arena is fun, but could be way better.
  • I’m unboosted, arena is no fun.
  • I’m unboosted, arena is fun, but could be way better.
  • I’m lightly boosted, arena is no fun.
  • I’m lightly boosted, arena is fun, but could be way better.
  • I’m heavily boosted, arena is lots of fun.
  • I’m lightly boosted, arena is lots of fun.
  • I’m unboosted, arena is lots of fun.
  • I’m moderately boosted, arena is no fun.
  • I’m moderately boosted, arena is fun, but could be way better.
  • I’m moderately boosted, arena is lots of fun.

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Just curious. Happy voting!

Edit: This is regarding your arena team, so if you’ve only boosted dinos for fun that you don’t use in the arena, you count as unboosted.


Need moderately boosted option.

No boost
Lightly boosted
Moderately boosted
Heavily boosted

Cool beans. Thanks!

There you go.

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I think I’m heavily boosted, as in, I focus my boosts on the critters I need the most. I’ve capped my smaxima’s HP at T10, capped Erlidom’s HP at 10 and rest is 13 A (to be upgraded) and 2 in speed, capped Erlikospyx at T3 HP, T8 speed, while T10 A (to be upgraded), Utarinex has T5 speed so far. Kapro has T1 HP (to be upgraded up to T5), T1 A (to be upgraded), T5 speed. All boosts acquired by winning them. Arena is fun, I can pull various unexpected swaps / tank hits with unexpected critters. Could do without speed boosts existing though.

Overall, i’d say somewhere between light and moderately boosted. In terms of specific dinos, it’s heavily in 2 as they were what i needed to boost to counter some stuff i was having problems with.

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Moderately boosted as only using free boosts and what was returned in the reset. Arena is no fun whatsoever. My partner has asked me twice this week why I play the game as I’m swearing so much at my phone.

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It’s weird, I wouldn’t even say I’m lightly boosted, because only my Erlidom has boosts, and it’s only boosted once in speed. That was for a strike event a long time ago. So I just went with unboosted :man_shrugging:

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I would probably count as moderately boosted? I’m having no fun in the arena.

The arena is so easy to repair. Just remove boosts, nerf some broken creatures and buff some weak ones. I could change it alone. But Ludia doesn’t want to do it. Idk why. They’re losing players so JWA is slowly dying (believe it or not, according to stats it’s happening) so I think they should at least try to repair arena
Oh, how could I forget that they won’t repair the game because of two things: laziness and greed.

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Just looking at the few post, it seem like every players have a very different opinion of what is their own level of boosts. I’m free to play mostly (a few months of VIP only, a while ago), so I do consider myself lightly boosted (I guess I compare myself with big spenders?), even if I’m extremely efficient at gathering HC everywhere I can, opening as many incubators as possible (and always have at least an 8hour running every night). No matter what, based on the number of arena fights I do every day, I definitively have to say: love arena fights. So: lightly boosted, arena is fun for me

Simple: they’re not

I’d be curious as to what people define as “light”, “moderate”, “heavy”.

IMO heavy would be you have at least maxxed out one of your main dinos, probably more (if not all). Moderate, maybe 5-10 per (on average) and light 1-4 but that’s just how I interpreted it.

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“Max Boosted”
There lies the problem. is max boost 30 tiers, or as much as your dino could be boosted at the time?
having everyone on the same page for the definition would tone down some confusion.

I hear maxed boost and i think of 30 tiers.

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Moderately boosted however arena has become the equivalent to pulling teeth and getting a root canal without something to numb the pain. Some days it is equivalent to having O Fortuna or Beethoven’s 5th Symphony being played while being kicked in the uprights following cadence to the song.


That imagery is amazing :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I am just being creative with my feelings towards the arena.:rofl::rofl:

I’m F2P and I guess I consider myself moderately boosted? Probably lightly compared to others.

I have no fun in the arena in truth. My light boosting make little difference to the outcome of matches it seems like. My problems are that the diversity is dead beyond measure, and the whale boosted monstrosities make me roll my eyes and try to skip through the match as quickly as possible. I’m hopelessly and hilariously outgunned in most matches. I only face Indo2, Indo1, Prorat, Maxima, Gemini, Thor, and Erlidom. It is truly tiresome seeing the same group every… single… match.

But nothing else is viable to fight them except themselves, so the arena is doomed.

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Still consider my team unboosted, as only Thor have two health boost, which needed for Lord Lythronax in campaign.
I’m actually enjoying beating heavily boosted teams and like to play in arena. Two days ago actually made it to Gyro. Of course I was back at Library soon.
Though, could be way more diversity if we wouldn’t be stuck with same team.

Well, so far not a single unboosted player finds the arena “lots of fun”.

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: I don’t know what happened, but I just accidentally voted this. I wanted to vote “medium boosted arena is no fun”