Hows my lineup? level 88 btw

hey, here is my lineup below. I just want to know if I should make a ferocity jump or anything like that, or if I should focus on deepening my lineup. I am not rlly struggling with battles due to my opponents being too powerful or anything like that. i just use class

advantages and switching mainly in my battles. just wanted to know your opinion. thanks!

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There Is a large jump between your tropegopterus and your lvl 20 concavenator

I would hardly call a few hundred ferocity difference a large jump but each to their own.

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oops. I saw the attack on trope at 900 instead of 800

how would you say my lineup is for a level 88? is it too weak? thanks!

its alr, how would you say my lineup is for a level 88 player? too weak?

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Its really good, the only thing you need now are more herbivores, other than that its OK

This is my lineup at lvl 82. Yours definetly isn’t weak, but both of us need to get more herbs. I recommend a monostegatops, as it has the same stats of super tape. Also, I reccomend you get more vip dinos.

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i just got a level 20 wuehosaurus and got 2 monostegotops, I think i am good now right?

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just got two monostegotops and also got a lvl 20 wuerhosaurus, is it good now?

I would start investing in tournament hybrids.

You need more herbivores. Try monostegotops.
I’d focus on deepening your lineup with more s hybrids.

But yes,it is better

Yes, and Zalmoxes would also be great @indo-compy

That’s a great idea. Zalmoxes is a great glass cannon herb, and a good alternative for a lvl 10 segnosuchus.

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At level 30 he is genius