Hows my lineup? lvl 99 player btw

hi, below are images of my lineup, could you guys let me know if I should improve on anything and how my lineup is in general right now. I am a level 99 player but I did rush a little.


and im working on maxing my amargasaurus rn, the other 4 copies are hatching rn

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There is a slight lack of herbivores and carnivores at the top. Other than that you’re good

for herbs i have almost 5 (3 monos and 1 ankylo, and 1 unay which is just a bit lower), is that enough or should I make something else? carns I kinda understand as its really only 3 spinos and that isn’t too reliable. any suggestions on what I should make for carns?

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I’d say more amphibs.

If you evolve all your lvl 10 s hybrids to 20 you could have a roster suited for lvl 1 indos. That would be a big help in the carnivore department.

Lvl 30 Ostapo and lvl 40 Diplosuchus would be good for an indo lineup as well. Maybe a lvl
20 Gorgosuchus for a tanky amphib.

I’d also shoot for lvl 30 VIPs as they would be your bread and butter for a team of indos.

Especially if you want to win tournament runs.

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Another glitch, look carefully in the screenshot, there are 3 mono with 1 HP lower that the Ankylodocus, and yet 2 of them have apparent higher ferocity and 1 has less…. another example of 3.2 not being the exact number for those who don’t believe it.

As for the lineup, get more amphibs and dimetrocarnus, diplosuchus at maybe around 25.

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