Hows my team?


I keep losing the majority of battle since the update. Lost about 18 won about 4 or 5.

What would help changing on my team ?

Thanks folks


The “new battles friendly” or arenas one? Any way I think is because of all these new moves they introduced, the friendly battles can be particularly frustrating if you don’t have legendaries Dinos but opponent does,


Also that epic Dino/ bird kind is not as good as the rare of its kind, you probably need a vraptor as well


Your team looks stable, but Blue won’t get you far. Trade her for Argentinosaurus. Utahraptor still kinda works, but may wanna trade it for something better. Amargocephalus is gonna be your best friend.


@Voodoodave hunt strong dinosaurs for example Trex velociraptor and blue.


Ive got all 3 but they get destroyed. A steg wipes them out now days i got 1 chomp on a steg and it destroyed me in 2 moves with a level 13 t-rex


if you have trex and velociraptor then why don’t you go for the I REX and Indoraptor.