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How's the Alloraptor?

As per topic name, is it any good since the last update?

amazing, two rampages, rend takedown, 1700 attack. distracting rampage, rampage, rend takedown, cunning strike

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Vulnerable to swap-in damage, but otherwise very good, especially as a revenge-killer.

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Have you got it in your team? Tempted to level mine up and give it a go

Yeah, that’s what my general thinking is

Dropped him because he wasn’t doing as good against fierce

no, don’t have it. can only get all g2 to 15

They kind of messed it up with this update. Before you could do distracting rampage with T1 and take a huge bite, but now thats delayed so you can only do cunning strike or rampage on T1. If you want to survive a tryko or diora you have to have your health built high and you lose it in the attack. Before the change I could take out maximus or tryko with two hits. Its still a scrappy fighter, but it lost its edge if you take it to the higher arenas.


They should make it . Its still pretty good cuz its immune to decel

Cunning Strike
Rending Takedown
Distracting Rampage

I wanted to love this one, but it constantly fell flat due to the swap in damage dinos out there. I got one move in before someone swapped in their DC to finish her off.

Her low health makes her an easy target even for fierce creatures (a fully boosted Thor makes short work of her, even if she’s boosted herself). Cunning creatures need too much to help them survive with the current setups.

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They could just have it so resilient does not cleanse distaction and isn’t precise.

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