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Hows the weather where you live?


It’s April and it is SUNNY AND 23 DEGREES IN SWEDEN! UNBELIVABLE! Very nice jwa hunting weather! How is the weather where you live? And if you are from another country, what do you think Sweden is like?


23 degrees is nice in Sweden? Really? Where I live, that would result in a week off of school and people preparing for the Apocalypse because no one here knows how to handle snow. :joy: It’s nice here too, though. lol

Edit: Just a note, the “Really?” isn’t meant to be sarcastic or anything, more intrigue. lol


It’s in the low 30s… Expecting it to go into the 40s to 50s soon… Celsius… I’m in Dubai!


23 Celsius = 73 Fahrenheit

We had 70s yesterday in Illinois, but I think another cold snap could be coming. I can’t keep track of the weather anymore. I was not expecting the 7 inches of snow we got on Sunday. It really messed up plans for finishing opening our Dock Diving Pool for the Dogs.


Well, my bad. I don’t usually keep up with which countries use Celsius. I should’ve said something about it, though, because I did think about it. By the way, the preparing for the Apocalypse part wasn’t a joke. People in my town prepare for the worst when there’s snow on the radar. :joy:


We get snow in october al the way to march! Sweden is nice tho


That is so true in some places.


Sunny and 80° in north carolina


51 degrees in Palermo, Maine, sunny :smiley:


From an undisclosed basement in Canada, it is a beautiful 10 degrees Celsius out. At least according to my phone.


19 degrees in the uk

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Switzerland… sunny 20 degrees Celsius

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I’m…I’m not sure…


It’s not been too bad here in the UK. Quite warm where I am. Looking forward to warmer weather so I can go out hunting properly again.


Thatz presonal confirmation


85 degrees here in Texas.

edit: Thats Fahrenheit :smile:


Hot, hot, and hot


Nice in London should get upto 24C this weekend. But it snowed briefly last weekend while I was playing.


Maybe like 30° c


22 degrees Celcius :sunglasses: here, in Arnhem,.Holland