How's this acceptable


How is it acceptable for a company to have a vital part broken, and the company has said nothing on the matter, 5 hours after the problem occurred…

Don’t get me wrong personally I’m not bothered about the flyers… but the fact their are paying customers for this game, it’s didgusting


i think we define vital differently, carl.

and thats, ok.


I’m talking in terms of this game…

If it was at a point where good dinos were available or something you needed, I’m sure you’d have a different view


Ludia is not forcing you to pay for their service nor are Event Drops a vital part of the game. It’s an added bonus to going out and exploring. Considering it’s down pouring right now, I am A-OK with that.

I am sure they’re finding a fix for it and will compensate for the downtime in some manor.