How's your Gemini luck?

After a Diplo event, I can ask you: were you lucky on Gemini fusing? Unfortunately, it seems that I got cursed by the curse of 10s…
I fused Gemini 5 times and I got 50 DNA from it (5 10s fuses in a row :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:). Thanks to Diplo in sanctuary, I’ll soon have one more fuse. I hope it will be anything different than 10…
Anyways, let me now if you were luckier


I don’t have Diplo lvl20 so I have any problems with Gemini fuses lol


I got 90 DNA from a 5 fuse. So not bad.

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That’s very nice in comparison to my 50… You are now 90/250 or closer to unlocking Gemini?

I already have Gemini unlocked, that just helped me get him to 23 :sweat_smile:

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Hope you have better luck soon.

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Same here. I did efforts to get 1K Diplodocus DNA and end-up exactly 50 DNA from 5-fuses (on multi-fuse); next 5 gave me 90 DNA :frowning:

10’s on gemini hurt the most since both dip and arambo is exclusive so rip…


10 attempt:300DNA

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Woweeee, can I borrow your lucky horseshoe for a week???

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200 in 12. Even if i got better then 10, it is still way under the 22per fuse ludia told us.

Was sitting on 150/250 before the weekend and got 110dna so happy with that. But overall I only had 4x 10s during the creation of gemini.

I got pretty underwhelming fuses, and then one 80​:heart_eyes:. The twist? I’m 240/250 :upside_down_face: with no more Diplo DNA.

Anyway, don’t feel bad about the bad fuses. I’m 130/250 DNA on Dio. 10 from Campaign, a 20 and 30 fuse, and then 7 tens.
I don’t have a Zone 1 anywhere nearby.

Stuff like this happens. At least we have the forums to rant on about it😉.

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Shoot, time to hit the sanctuaries I guess. Slow but steady, we never know when will be the next event.

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Created Gemini with average fuses. Then my last fuse was a 80 :sunglasses: (90/100 now)Expecting lots of 10s in the future.

Mine is 190/250. Ughh i despise 10s to a dino that hard to make.

Got another 10. It seems that I have to wait for another Diplo event. Or two. Or three with these 10s


still sitting at creation level as the stupid bird is holding me back from fusing for it.

I was lucky. I got a 150 on 5 Fuses.