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Hu Ludia?

I’m in the 7th arena and here I come across what
Ludia could you explain to me ???Screenshot_2021-04-24-21-53-31-967_com.ludia.jw2 IMG_20210424_215908

Try to edit the post and upload the picture again it is not working now

Nvm you just did lol

It is easily explained, they arena dropped.

Nah really that in 7th arena

I did not understand

They intentionally lost battle after battle to drop right down in the arenas, and then they put on their strong team, which is why you faced them in arena 7.

Ok thanks you

we should have a system whereby even if you go down the arena on purpose you come across players of your level not against leg teams lvl 16 17 18 19

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This is what you call. Text book dropper

Arenas are broken. You need a full lvl 9-11 team to try and beat league 1, 1!! (I know this because I’m a new player and every single opponent I face has way overpowered creatures at, again, league 1 ._.
Ludia should really take action, a level cap between lower leagues or idk, but it’s a nightmare trying to advance. I managed to climb my way up after 9 days of suffering.

Lmao i just bumped into you while browsing Ludia Forums