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Huawei P20 Pro


I need your kind help, GPS is not working, screen is jumping in every 3 minutes, playing is not flowing.
Thx 4 ur help



I had the same Issue on the P20 Pro.
Be sure to use GPS Location only.

Shut down the Location from WiFi Hotspots that Google turns on.
To change that tap your GPS Icon in the top bar drop down of your phone and change settings.
Works for me perfectly this way.

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Thanks a lot mate, I’m so grateful
Wish U the best


Same problem again since the last update


That should help :wink:


Im P20 pro user too and this solved my problems :o)

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Thx so much.

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I had this problem for 4 months, ever since I switched to huawei mate 20 pro. Then I stumbled across this thread. THANK YOU!

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