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My father is IT expert and I just heard him that Huawei devices are banned since yesterday in USA. I can’t believe that … maybe news from JWA players and the first hand? (Fake news?)

this is a true story unfortunately for you if you use a Huawei I do not know how it will happen later but it may be complicated

Only from buying new devices or using them at all…like tourist come to USA, wannts to play JWA on the street with Huawei phone and can be arested?

My phone is basically Huawei. But I’m in UK. Must be annoying for everyone who has purchased them in the US.

No this is not the case at all. The president is preparing to sign a bill that would forbid providers to use Huawei hardware in their infrastructure. This has nothing to do with mobile phones.
The reason is that they cannot rely on the hardware in critical circumstances because they may contain backdoors that allow the to be switched off or abused when a crisis is happening.


Have no idea what a huawei even is lol glad has nothing to do with me

It amazes me how easily misinterpreted this news gets!
This is what is says in the article:

What does this mean for Huawei users?

Existing Huawei smartphone users will be able to update apps and push through security fixes, as well as update Google Play services.
But when Google launches the next version of Android later this year, it may not be available on Huawei devices.
Future Huawei devices may no longer have apps such as YouTube and Maps.

So you can just keep using your phone, everything will still work, you might not get the latest android upgrades, but future devices (that haven’t been sold yet!) might not be shipped with youtube and maps.
Just don’t buy a Huawei phone and you’ll be fine. But please read these messages more carefully because it makes no sense that hundreds of thousands of users can suddenly no longer use their phone.

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Don’t know why helpful informative posts are getting hidden.

Shame on a forum that has harmful rules.

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It’s not helpful. It’s stirring up fear and doubt with a whisk of misinformation.

As an owner of an Honor 10 I’d like to know why I can’t have an upto date OS that may stop me playing the game.

Edit. Oh I do write some immature nonsense. Sorry.

Are you not listening?
You can keep using your device. If you cannot upgrade to the latest version of Android that doesn’t stop you from using your phone like you always have. You can still use maps, youtube and everything else. You will still get app updates, security updates.

Why would I listen to anyone who hid a BBC article. To replace it with their uninformed unpeer reviewed thoughts. Which billion pound newsroom checked your opinion.

What are you talking about? The BBC article says EXACTLY what I did and I was not the one who hid it.
The reason it’s hidden is probably because it’s not related to the fear of people thinking they cannot use their phones anymore.
People like you are the reason there is so much fake news on the planet. You just refuse to read what’s right in front of your eyes from reliable sources and choose what to believe or not. You assume things, therefor you refuse to listen to reason. You didn’t even read my post because you assume I’m trying to hide things, while all I’m trying to do is help and provide useful information. This really sickens me.

I don’t agree with your view of the future. Or the casual way you say don’t buy implying if you’ve bought a phone no big deal.

However as you didn’t hide those articles I totally apologise for accusing you. Censorship is so counter productive it gets me angry.

You want to stick to Huawei for your next phone also? When there’s a chance it won’t be shipped with Maps? I would certainly go look for other brands :slight_smile: They are all pretty similar anyway.

I hate censorship too, especially how I can’t even curse in alliance chat, while no one there cares. It should be the user who decides whether he wants a filter over messages he reads or not.

I bought the phone last year. If I lose access to JWA over something as ridiculous as American politics effecting other countries I won’t be buying a mobile phone at all.

You are kind of right.

It’s more complicated.

It also involves Chinese politics (and global cyber security), though.

All those tarrifs that the Chinese aren’t paying but Americans are … Yeah good job :rofl::rofl: