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Hubby Got A New Legendary I Wanted, That Turd!💩 Out Of A Common At That! 2p

I Hope To Get That Soon!


Oh wow, that is very lucky! :smiley:


He’s So Lucky :sob: Where’s Mine :grin: Make Him Give Me His!!! LOL :joy: Hope All Is Well With You Ned!


And Jon​:grin: Yea, Yea Yea At Least 10 Characters!!!:joy::grin::smiley:

Hubby Got Another Red Chest!!! That’s A Load Of :poop::tongue:

Well we know who needs to buy your lottery tickets from now on


Warlock armour not all that good as will probably soon be eclipsed by epics but the other legendary is sweet, want that one too

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Dont worry about that cleric weapon, it sucks. The Cleric Epic weapon is one of the BEST weapons in game, and nothing else should ever replace it :wink:


Yea, That Piece Sucks, I’m Hung Up Which One to Use? Any Suggestions??? @Xx_YESPA_xX

I’m Using Shatter Now.

I Love My Stats Like This??? But Then I’m Not Much Of A fighter :joy:
I’m Minus A Legendary Or Too Normally :tongue:


Doh, i thought the legendary you got was fighters weapon - really want that one.

What was modified was a slight variant on:

“Clerics legendary weapon not too bad but a level 5 epic bone is too good”

Moderators tell me that isn’t a bone that he’s using! :wink:


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I See I Can’t Even Mention Doogie Howser?
LOL :rofl: Nor His Best Friend’s Name :joy::+1:
Probably More Than Half The People In Here Don’t Even Know Who Doogie Howser Is, That’s The Crazy Part😆
Doogie Howser MD :hospital::ambulance::desktop_computer::keyboard:
I Guess I Watch Too Much Of The Idiot Box

Use the Hellish Epic Grimoire - Shatter ability, Combine it with the Common headpiece that does 50% reduce armor, instakill in pvp.

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Can’t remember what thread we were talking about quests …

Anywho, after the rubbish 150 scroll quest, I got Nayeli and then garbage quest :stuck_out_tongue:

And to add insult to injury it had an error when opening chest for five gems and slugged me the full gem a fresh chest - the cost of adding another scroll to this quest

Hopefully dungeon master next

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Followed by another garbage quest …

Sure Hope They Get Better For You @Turbotarry

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4 times 8 hour chest

Sigh …

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