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Hubby Is So Lucky, Another Legendary Out Of A Blue 20 Count Chest! 2p

He Need To Share The Love!!! LOL

O Well, My Day Is Sure To Come!!! :+1::grin:

OGRES Are Like Onions,
What That You Stink??? NO,
Layers, Ogres Have Layers!!!LOL
Crazy Donkey!!!

I wanna cry, now if only I can find an onion somewhere…

J/k congrats

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Love It HuKo!!!
Hope All Is Well With You :smile:
And I’ll Be Sure To Tell Hubby What You Said😉
Thanks Again HuKo :+1::heart_eyes::smiley:

Plus Ya Got A Potato Cam Flashback!:rofl:

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Hubby Got Another Red Chest!!! LUCKY TURD!!!:poop::tongue:

I Wish I Only Had Half Of His Luck :sob::tongue: