Hubby picking me up from work, and I'm like

“ok there’s a brachiosaurus and a velociraptor over at the hospital and i’m not on a timetable here, so rev up your game”

It’s all about the romance, guys! #dinoooooo


My hubby is my personal taxy driver since day one, when coming home from work, and I am almost always like:

“Ok we made several dino hunting the past days, so today we go straight to home”
and then
“Ohhhh see a t-rex over there! Could you make a little deviation?” with my best puppy’s face

Then if he says no…



Yeah, it’s like my missus saying “let’s go to the supermarket cos I need this just one item and it’s like a 5 min trip”…yeah, sure…


Yeah or your watching a film and a sinco appears down the road and your like, 1030pm, shall i get some trifle from shop :smiley:


My wife doesn’t play but when I’m driving she will spin supply drops until I’m full on darts.


What a great wife! I usually play for both of us and load us up on drops while in the car. :smiley:

That no face. lol It’s so hard not to be grumpy when hubby wants to get straight home. :rofl:

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