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Huge Bug after Story mode completion

Not sure if anyone has completed the story mode… After I completed “Baneful Boglands”, the one that contains 221 stages. I got the below response saying I have to wait for 1D11Hours for the next Quests. I thought okay… maybe something interesting is coming up but I lost all kinds of resources because the “Repeatable Quest” cannot be accessed! But after 1D11Hours, I am shocked to see this… STAGE 1, OMG… I need to start all over again??? Even worst is that the “Repeatable Quest” only gives you 3000 fish and 5-9 eggs, compared to 5000 fish and 11-15 eggs in high level - Baneful Boglands.

Eventually, I spent some energy to complete the few stages and another BUG again. The final boss still there after I killed it and displayed a negative health. Okay… I restarted the game and it passed though. However, from the 3rd image attached you can see the next few chapters only contains a very limited amount of stages, 4-5 stages per chapter, and all these chapters I have already passed before. I have emailed to support team and waiting for the reply.

Now… I have lost all kinds of resources because of this. And even worse… the “PLAY” button disabled again and I have to wait for 1D11hours to access… and all the special quests won’t be able to give you enough keys to complete the chest box.

Getting tired or this now…






If you ever get resolution on this could you please post here. I am curious to know if this problem gets resolved. Because, it seems its better to stay in Baneful Boglands and not complete story.


Did support help you?! @HowieHHH was it resolved? I’m about to finish story mode and now I’m scared to do it lol

Hey HowieHHH, I’m sorry to hear that happened after you’ve completed the Exploration. Our team will try their best to assist you once they get a chance to see your message.

It is not resolved as of now, I have sent multiple emails to and didn’t get a proper response. I think they didn’t even create any stage after Baneful Boglands and never thought players could have reached yet. Not sure if anyone faces the same issue as me, but this has to be fixed ASAP… I am thinking to unsubscribe the monthly fee if this still drag on, just unplayable!

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they replied me once and asked me to check the memory of my device… I’m like…what the??? I replied back nicely and said I have lots of memory in my phone, then never heard back from them again, so frustrated.

That’s awful! I really hope they help you out here be cause that would kill it for me

hi, has this problem been resolved? i think this is still an ongoing issue for those who had completed storymode last level Baneful Boglands. Had it been stuck at the last level of Baneful Boglands and keep repeating, it is probably not so bad, at least you can get the higher egg rate from that stage. And as you said, as of current, repeating lower levels does not provide enough resource. Do you have a work around?

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I finished story mode and my game has been broken since. Support keeps acting like it’s a problem with my device but bc I know its happening to multiple ppl I feel like I’m given a run around. Support also told me I was spamming them and they threatened to ban me from talking to them when I was reporting separate bugs politely with 0 negativity.

I have been starting to hear other members tell thier story too of them politely reporting bugs then support deems them spam and may even ban them. It is not the people’s fault there are multiple bugs and that they accrue over weeks of play.

I am starting to collect these stories and screenshots of support treating people unjustly and I intend on making my own post soon.

**Note to moderators - I complied and took down the screenshots. My experience in text does not violate ludia forum rules and regulations

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Hey Vikings, after you have completed that last stage of your Exploration, you are moved to a random region that will allow you to keep collecting battle rewards. However, repeatable Quests will no longer be available.

@Ned That’s not the issue, unfortunately. The parts of the map that you are moved to are non functioning. U can enter the alpha battle spend the energy , and after u kill the alpha it freezes / forced to force close and the alpha remains permanently bugged.

I have not been able to participate in any form of post campaign mode for weeks let alone reep any rewards

hi shorty,

i know what you are referring to.
after you kill the alpha, often times (not consistent) you end up in a weird state. alpha goes down (dead), but screen has no enemy, but you can still keep moving tiles for a few turns. then you end up with victory.

other times though after winning, it can just straight up hang / crash, requiring hard close of game and relaunch. (you may or may not get winning reward, I am not sure.)

there are a few times upon beating alpha, it goes into negative energy, but you end up with a loss. force close, come back, pick up a quest that requires story stages, it will reset the map.

Also, the scouting report 1 day 11 hours timer countdown makes no sense I feel. What’s the point of the timer for these “repeatable” random maps?

other gripe I mentioned was, this repeatable maps have much lower gold / egg / fish rewards compared to the last official stage of the story mode. (I am better off not beating last stage alpha in storymode and repeat the fish stage there.)


Thanks for writing in @cutepolarbear
I am going to start to gather everyone’s stories regarding post campaign as well as stories of support accusing members of spamming when they are only (politely and non repetitively) reporting various bugs they are experiencing. I have heard of one story where support banned a person and in his/her screenshot he/she was only being polite and reporting the bugs in his/her game.
Yes I’ve seen it go in negative energy as well and other patterns. Mine currently is in a pattern that it cannot escape from. Freezes at the end and you reap nothing but lost energy and the alpha continues to appear to remain untouched. Its literally unplayable.

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Guys… i am the OP here and this issue has not been resolved. After multiple email exchanges with the support team, they advised this is NORMAL when you complete the last exploration stage where you will be brought to a random map to continue exploration (without the repeatable quest as others have shared). This is extremely unfair to those who have completed as you all know it will highly reduce all your resources. I have asked the support team to bring me back to the last stage so I could earn my resources properly but the answer is “NO” as it is not fair to others to have completed too. Very frustrated and I have just unsubscribes the monthly payment and planning to exit the game once and for all.

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I’m sorry to hear that, HowieHHH, and thank you for your feedback regarding the final stage of the Exploration.

Our team is actively working on further expanding the map so players who had finished the Exploration, will be able to discover more regions in the future.

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Ya that’s different for me. Mine is simply just non functioning . I get what its supposed to be like.

completely agree that upon finishing the game, on simply adjust the repeatable stage so that the resources (fish / eggs / gold) is on par or close to at least the final stage. it is very frustrating as you mentioned simply from resource management perspective for those who had passed the final stage (those who have finished are very high level guys / high level teams and most likely paying members at current time). it does not make sense for guys who beat the final stage to get stuck with problem of low resources from exploration. I might follow similar footstep if there is no good resolution coming soon.

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I was also threatened by Support.

They told me they would stop responding to my requests just because I submitted a help request letting them know that the Light Fury event was giving wrong number of trust points.


Wow thats disgusting, makes me wonder why I still play and support this game.

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Thanks for writing in @CaptWacky . I’m hearing from more and more people about getting threatened by support. Hopefully you saved a screenshot. I saved mine. Were going to need Ludia to address this matter because its unjust treatment. They know I support them when they deserve it ( even when the whole community is negative and I try to talk to the community to aid positivity) but this is not only unprofessional its negativity coming from them internally and almost offensive depending on how tough your skin is :wink: