Huge disparity between Nublar and Badlands


I cant believe how back and forth I am between Nublar and Badlands. I get absolutely crushed by dinos I have not seen or people who have level 14 raptors and T Rex’s in badlands but once Im kicked back to Nublar, Im killing it to go back to Bandlands to get crushed again. Im stuck between high 19s and low 2100s. I guess just keep leveling up.


I noticed that back before they changed up the meta. Nublar Jubgle was tough, but the Badlands, like any desert level in any game, lives up to its name too well. Just level up your dinos and/or switch up the team. You’ll get there.


You may be facing dropouts from lockdown. A lot of people have lost quite a bit of rank lately so it makes every lower arena harder.
I remember going through nublar and badlands pretty quickly against level 12 or lower opponents so things must be changed


I hadn’t any trouble getting through badlands until lockdown, but since then I’ve been in and out of lockdown a lot. Now I went back to 2300 trophies and getting up there slowly, as a lot of people have been dropped down too.