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HUGE gap for dailies

Why is there such a huge gap between the daily quest prize levels and the amount of time allowed to get them?

This month, my game says we can get a whole extra 1000 gold (50 scrolls) making it 21 prize levels.

21 prize levels, 50 scrolls per level== 1050 scrolls.

Adventure pass members get up to 75 scrolls a day. So that’s 14 days to completely every daily prize level for the 32 days it’s available. That means, after 14 days, you have 18 days with no prizes.

Even for the non-adventure pass members, who only get up to 50 scrolls per day, that is 21 days to complete… out of the 32. What are they supposed to do for the other 11?

Can the dev team not cut this down to… 24? And up the gold amount so the adventure pass members can have something to do for those 10 days?

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I believe the correct answer is “Incompetence, lack or foresight and a general lack of understanding how players use the app.

While a fix is unlikely, i suggest it would be bungled, similar to how other recent changes and implementations have been botched.


I mentioned that same theory first time I posted a thread like this, but I got an official warning for it :joy:

I respectfully disagree, very few players do all their quests each day, We (the team) deliberated and chose the time frame to allow those who play frequently to be able to achieve the final goal of the quest pass, as long as they put in some effort. We also added bonus coins for those with the paid Warrior Pass, to counteract the additional quests given per day. While some engaged players do reach the end prize early, the majority do not. I would also like to point out that players do receive rewards from completing daily quests, while it may seem small, it does add up and should be taken into consideration.
Thank You


@Keith. this is an example of where Ludia fails to understand players sentiments.

This frustrates newer and less capable players because they are unable to receive the red chests.

Earning an additional 10,000 gold “bonus” is insulting to more skilled players, This is comparable to the grand prize of a lottery being $50. I could have earned 10,000 gold while composing this post. It is a trifling amount. It is not worth playing for. It is simply quicker to complete Lightfinger a few times instead of chasing these pointless quests.

A quest requiring 360 melee attacks takes hours for many players. Gifting one Epic card for this is a joke. The prize is completely inadequate.

Thus, this new quest ladder frustrates everyone, the great player, the average players and the new player. The prize structure needs to be corrected ASAP. Misinterpretation of player sentiment partially explains why WoW continues to lose a significant portion of active players each week.

Instead of defending horrendous errors, I would suggest Ludia would instead benefit from listening to players, and understanding what they are saying. I would suggest in this case simple solutions could include re-implementing the removed quest packs along with the quest ladder or significantly altering the final reward to be worthwhile, something suitable for completing 20 days of otherwise pointless quests.

Hi Orloch,

How would shortening the time period be beneficial for these players, who at the moment already put in the effort to just achieve the red chest?

You are ignoring the fact that you also receive all the items from the quest pass beforehand, that you receive this “extra” usually by doing activities that players normally do such as completing the light finger estate and earning that earn gold and experience also. As for grandprize of a lottery ticket, if I paid 5$ and won 50$ that’s a 500% payout and all I had to do was play a game a little more than I normally would, I would be ecstatic.

This is why we give more than 20 days to complete the quest pass and allow players to pace themselves and enjoy playing our game by completing 360 melee attacks over a few days, and why you can have 3 active quests at a time.

We do listen to players, and the majority of players need/want 30 days to achieve the Red Chest and would not want less time.


What about keeping the system intact the way it is, and simply adding 10 rewards above the current red chest. That way casual players can get their red chest and every day grinders can get a chest almost every day. I would recommend that the value of the chests be increased… enough with the brown ones that make me feel that my efforts are pointless. This especially
goes for the brown battle chests. The free chest is much better and I don’t have to lose twice in the arena before I get it.


The whole point of my post is that Ludia does not understand its players

I am simply saying this frustrates players. I did not say anything about shortening the time period. These are your words, not mine.

This simply another example of misunderstanding players. A $50 grand prize is not enough to compel most to play a lottery. I believe the grand prize in Canada is $60 million? 10,000 gold is insulting.
Any defense of this compounds the insult.

The problem is the reward, not the duration. 1 Epic Card for this effort is nonsense. You have completely misinterpreted my point.

What I noted above shows the problem. Ludia reads the words, but does not hear. Instead of analyzing what players have said, they instead put efforts into misconstruing the words while defending the blunders players are pointing out.

From past experience I assume this post will be replied to with a similar shortsighted response …

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I like the time frame for the daily quest reward system. It allows me to skip quests I don’t care to do and still get all the rewards by the end of the season.


Hi Keith, you realize people hate a participation trophy right? If they aren’t willing to put time into the game, then they shouldn’t get the top rewards.

And make it more than 1000 gold this month for going past the 20 levels of real prizes.


@Greenwave, this is why I suggest they should either re-implement to quest packs along with this revised system or improve the rewards past rung 20 (as suggested by @Slimeworms). This would enable players, like yourself, who choose to avoid the impractical quests to still receive the level 20 reward, without short-changing the more active PvE players.

Many who avoid PvP easily complete the current quest ladder in 10 days. From the perspective of one such player, this leaves me no purpose to play for the remainder (66%) of the season. The quest packs were added shortly after limits were placed on the PvE challenge events. These packs helped fill the void somewhat for PvE players. The Ludians initially recognized this dilemma and provided additional rewards after the first Quest Pass season. Unfortunately, despite stating they would correct this imbalance, the system remains unchanged while the additional rewards have been abandoned.

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1000 gold? Seriously? To compensate who paid for Warrior Pass and has nothing to do for 15ish days?
And why you decreased this amount from 10k (still nothing) to 1k?


1,000 gold bonus? Lol. Yup, that’s really selling warrior pass. Has Ludia given up on this game?

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I think you meant to say, “allow those to play infrequently” . The disjoint here is that The Team places inordinate importance on giving these players the satisfaction of “completing” the event.

I’m led to believe that you think that these players who play infrequently will somehow be upset if they are unable to get the same major rewards of frequent players and are not too upset they do not get the additional meager rewards. In other words, you believe from their point of view, they understand the bonus to paying for the Warrior Pass is fair, and that otherwise they can compete on a fair playing field against others who grind. As you state that these players make up the majority of your playing base, this makes sense from your perspective.

I disagree that infrequent players will object to sweetening the additional rewards over the “grand prize” red chest. Additionally, although posters in this forum are very few, anybody knowledgeable knows that unsatisfied customers rarely speak up. When one does, that represents many, many who are. Add to that the small minority who even use forums anymore, those whose objections you do see have an even larger voice.

Let’s put aside what you haven’t said, which is that you are purposely hobbling players advancement to avoid spending too much time, money on new content. Let’s assume that increased rewards will not upset infrequent players (it won’t). There is a huge benefit to ramping up rewards and by extension a player’s progression. Players love :two_hearts: it. You have bracketed the pvp and pve aspects of the game. Infrequent players aren’t at a disadvantage. In fact, they and players who are now progressing slowly will very simply see more light. Players who seem to be continually on the wrong end of the matchup scheme (nothing’s perfect) will be able to noticeably improve themselves. Light at the end of the tunnel.

This game is a long grind. Granted, DnD caps characters at 20. Their gear is another story, I think? Certainly there must be a way to stay true to their game (probably in your licensing agreement) and be a bit more generous.

Or something like that.


That is a great post Baladir, you hit the nail on the head. I just hope that @Keith reads carefully all the impassioned feedback from forum users here about what core players who spend the most hours and probably most money in the game in some cases are not happy about in the game and what motivates them to play more and what puts them off playing. We have spokespeople from active busy guilds here - collecting their thoughts and people painstakingly going through testing out issues and reporting bugs in the game - unofficial beta testers. These are the heart and soul of this game’s playing community. Ignore their advice at your peril Ludia.


Astute comments chaps.
You’ve hit the nail on the head.

I am looking forward to the next 16 days with no quest pass rewards.

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BS, you ignore 98% of the players who have repeatedly told you about the unfair PvP match-up systems. You delete and censor posts. Over/under on this one is oh, say 5 minutes. That’s not listening to players, its quite the opposite.

Walked away for a while. Today first match back … outranked by 7-8 levels and in every possible gear slot. Four hits, 4-0 wipeout. Seriously, what is wrong with the devs thinking that anyone, on either side of such a match-up thinking that is entertaining? This is why the game is dead.

You seem to be someone who plays and enjoys the game in addition to taking the time to interact with folks here on the message board. So I take you at your word when you say that you do listen to players and respond to what the majority want. The logical conclusion for me is I must fall in the minority so I should expect Ludia’s decisions won’t naturally align with my desires.

I’ve certainly gotten a tremendous amount of enjoyment out of the game but it is time for me to recognize the limited upside and diminishing returns. I’ll check back every now and again for my chance to slay a black dragon but my days of caring enough to see what is happening on the Forum are over.

I do apologize for any frustration of mine that arrived in the form of anger over on your end. It’s just a game at the end of the day and Ludia is doing what they can to provide entertainment. Thanks for all the fish and happy gaming.

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