Huge increase in achievement medals


I’ve notice the past day or two that it’s junped from 4000-5000 must be a massive increase in player a week ago or two I’m around 3200-3400 back and fourth it’s been slow since I haven’t upgraded in a couple weeks but that’s changing tomorrow .

I’m seeing a lot of bots still even closing game before 10 seconds is up but noticed some easier ones with lower level Dino’s - thus means they are newer accounts or preset to be at that level .

Anyhow happy to see increase in achievement points whatever you would like to call them medals ect…
This definitely puts a gap in between players.

Also have seen a lot of new Dino’s with other players which mean people are paying 50-70$ a incubator lol
I’m still taking them out .

Anyhow thanks for the 7 days keep that going and perhaps in near future some add on upgrades to game ?