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Huge support fail

I want to qualify this statement with the fact that I love playing this game. VIP member and play almost every day. Two weeks ago there was the tournament for the Metriaphodon. I placed 100th in Dominator and when the clock struck noon (central), I recieved no prize. Not the dominator pack, not the legendary pack if I happened to slip into Predator at the last second (I didn’t), nothing. I contacted support with my issue and support key, and after 4 days I got a response that a tech had moved it “up the ladder” for review. 4 days later my support ticket disappeared and the thread was gone. I resubmitted the same request again 2 days ago and, low and behold, my support ticket has magically vanished again. Not sure if I’ll ever get the metriaphodon or not, but I’d like Ludia support to know just how terrible your communication is. If you looked into it and couldn’t find anything, great! let me know. I’ll get over it. But I’m guessing the easier route is to continue deleting the support claims in hopes that we’ll go away

Hey Raptorhonk, I’m sorry to hear that happened with your ticket. Could you send me a private message of your support key so I can take a look into this for you? Thanks!

Was this the in-game support? A number of us have experienced the same problem with the tockets in there disappearing.

On another note, I am dealing with my own ‘support fail’ with my request for compensation for all the days I’ve gotten only 1 custom trade being denied. This is a total breach of the contract for what the membership provides and with the severe reduction in the number of daily events that give packs, one of the few ways in the game now to get loyalty points. There is NO reason they could not compensate me with the loyalty points I’ve lost or even better, a good chunk of DBs. Once again Ludia showing complete disregard for their most loyal paying customers.

Hope this gets sorted out for you Raptorhonk.

On a more minor matter support did look into something for me. I did have to chase them up but they then replied within an hour.

@Mary_Jo, at the top left of the screen, hit the gear icon, Help&Support, Support, then in the top right there is a contact us link that will allow you to “chat” with support. It would be very convenient if it worked right :slight_smile:

Ludia Thread @Ned is the way to go though. I’ve been trying to sort this out for a week and a half through the app, but @Ned got it done in an hour. Thanks @Ned! Finally got my Metria.


I’m happy to hear that you received your reward, Raptorhonk. :smiley:

All I did was relay the message from our team, but thank you for the kind words. :blush:

Yes that’s the one-game support I mentioned that is not working. Use email. It takes days to get replies but you usually will eventually. They just aren’t often much help either.