Hugo Hornsby

Honestly? I loved how the route started. Hugo was really nice, and the whole premise was really interesting! I really liked the first date with Taylor, and it was just a interesting route with some twists and turns, and then it turns out you’re catching feelings for the guy with a fiancee.

It was such a shame since I found both Taylor and Hugo fun to interact with, but it just made me feel really uncomfy, so I unmatched.

Soon after, I did some research on the storyline. The fact that he calls off the engagement (apparently) is honestly heartbreaking and VERY uncomfortable for me.

Still wished we could get with Taylor though,and I’ve heard Hugo’s a good match, but I was unable to get behind the fact that we were going after an engaged man.

Honestly it doesn’t break my heart at all…she strung him along for years and only rushed to lock him down when we showed up. I am positive she was cheating on Hugo with Taylor all these years. You go on a double date and those two literally -ignore him- to chat with each other…screw his fiancee she doesn’t deserve him…


I get that the storyline can be uncomfortable for some. I agree with Seiena that I didn’t feel too bad since while I’m skeptical if Taylor and Sally ever actually did do anything together, they emotionally cheated on Hugo/Marco by being in love with each other nonetheless and he wasn’t really in love with her anymore but didn’t yet understand that. More like he was attached to the familiarity, the fact she was his high school sweetheart, and the only relationship he really knows well – he was attached to the memories than Sally though didn’t yet realize this.

Sally was very clearly not interested in Hugo/Marco, so she probably stayed with him out of familiarity even though she could have very well left for Taylor. Nonetheless, Hugo/Marco was still convinced he loved her until MC comes along despite him not really feeling that way wholeheartedly but being unwilling to acknowledge and accept that fact about himself.

It doesn’t change that Hugo/Marco’s engagement ends, which I do think both he and Sally needed, though I do understand it being uncomfortable for it taking MC’s appearance and them pushing Hugo/Marco to face his truth about his feelings for Sally and her for him thus making MC out to be the bad guy in the situation.


I dunno they had that weekly planetarium trip…alone in a dark place unreachable for hours…so wrapped up in talking to each other they regularly make Hugo feel like the third wheel.

My other thought on Sarah is it is possible she wants both of them…like she doesn’t actually want Hugo romantically…she just doesn’t want anyone to play with her toys…


Oh there’s for sure the implication that she did physically cheat on him, but I still didn’t want to make any definite statements that they for sure cheated. They certainly emotionally cheated on him though.

I considered that too that Sally simply wanted to hang onto Hugo/Marco as well, but wasn’t genuinely interested in him or at least not to the extent that she used to be in the past.


I honestly don’t feel bad that their engagement ended. I mean Sally has been cheating on Hugo all these years by being emotionally involved with Taylor. If Sally really loved Hugo she wouldn’t have held off setting a date to get married, she strung him along and only felt threatened when we come into the picture because she can’t have her cake and eat it too. And what kind of a best friend is Taylor? How can he be in love with his best friends girl and not say something? Or at least not pull back and stop spending so much time with her? I think Hugo is better off without her.


Agreed. He’s better without both of them, to be honest. He should be with someone who truly cares about him and not make him feel awkward, uncomfortable, like the third wheel, and making him do most of the work in both relationships (with Sally and Taylor, that is), which I mean to say as both for a romantic partner and best friend for him.

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