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Hugo's story (spoilers)

It’s dragging on. I really thought that scene at the sushi restaurant was going to be the end of it but no. Has anyone gotten past that part? I’m not sure how much of the story has been released but I’m kind of over it. I just want to date Hugo already.

Have you got to the paintball date or the play?

Yes, the sushi restaurant is right after the play

I believe that is where it stops for now with Marco/Hugo wanting to go through with the wedding

Hugo’s back. Want to bang my head on the wall. Better yet, want to bang HIS head on the wall.

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Every time I see his update I have a strong urge to get popcorn and my mood is
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Seriously after this last update I’m genuinely hurt by the writers. No one cares that they are hurting MC. I keep saying “I don’t want to do this” & “This hurts” & “I want out”. The only way for me to escape is to unmatch & never have closure. Taylor said that if the play didn’t work I could walk away… I tried & he kicked me. It is now at obsession levels because if Sally really loved Taylor she wouldn’t want to hurt him. Same for Hugo. Seems they want both. The passion of their current relationship with the love from their “buddy”. It needs a dadgum trigger warning at this point because this story has really hurt & caused real tears. Not the “Oh poor MC” tears. End it now Lydia because it’s too far in the toxic zone.

I think the whole thing is ridiculous and utterly implausible, but I’m still playing it. I feel like it’s car crash TV and I just want to see how things pan out between these totally dysfunctional individuals.

Am I the onlyone who’s deliberately trying to be a complete bitch to Hugo? I so want to (insert act of physical confrontation) him around for being such a spineless, clueless feline.


OMG I’m so sorry you feel this way.

Honestly, I was in a bad place last year and had some similar melt downs over this app and this forum. I’m thankfully in a much better place now and can take this all with a pinch of salt.

Please don’t invest too much of yourself in this game. As easy as it is to do that, you’re so much more than this game and these characters :heart:.


Thank you :yellow_heart: Normally I’m like forget it, it’s just a game, but I guess this last update sounded way too much like things I’ve heard in the past & brought up all those memories of feeling ignored & unheard. As you said, the scenario is now so far past believable because RL me would’ve said no & walked away with closure. This feels like forcing the “object” at the wedding & while that was perceived as a “cute” trope back in the day, aren’t we well aware now how this is no way to start a healthy relationship? I’m no homewrecker so if Hugo can’t choose, then at least let me leave without just unmatching.

I get you. Personally, I’d have walked away way before it all got this messy, and I would never have agreed to Tyler’s plan.

I really hope we get the option to Jazzy Jeff them all and walk away with our head held high.

I played an asshole to Marco, neutral to Taylor and took every chance to flirt with Sally

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Omg no, I love the passive-agressiveness so much. Makes me chuckle and feels a bit like revenge :smirk::rofl:

I’m really sorry this storyline made you feel this way. I hate it in the virtual world, can’t imagine being reminded of things you actually went through. Least you were strong enough to break out of it, you should be proud. Hopefully MC will have that option as well, cause this stopped being “cute” a long time ago.

Now we were just blatantly flirting while he’s gardening. Like excuse me you’re still getting married

Marco’s story is cringy now and all I want is someone else to return even Sheng :sweat_smile:

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Hugo finds it hard to make friends or open up to people.

Imagine how he’ll feel when he finds out that his best friend and crush have conspired to deceive him and break up his relationship :flushed:.

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He’s really oblivious about the whole situation. It would be so much easier if they just had an open relationship :wink:

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