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Hunters scent, scent suggestions


I have Been thinking about the whole concept of hunting for specific dinos and how to enhance the experience aswell as limiting RNG and making things abit more fun.

Hunting scent: ‘Become the hunter and collect these tools to track down named dino’

The idea is that when you release the scent you are provided with details of where the nearest named dino is. So you buy an erliko scent maybe 400 bucks. This tool allows you to pick up its scent. The server then tells you how close it is and how long you have to hunt her down.

So you release the scent and then get told the nearest erliko is 1500 metres south east, with an arrow pointing you in the direction and you have 15 minutes before she moves on to her next feeding ground. The scent lasts 20 minutes and if you catch 1 in time you get coors of the next 1 and time before she moves on. Even if the scent stops (after the initial 20 mins) you can still locate the said dino if you find and get there in time.

I feel they could do this for any dino, as the server can locate the nearest one to you and give you the information so you can ‘hunt it down’. Unlike an epic scent this doesnt spawn a said dino but locates it because you track its scent. So you are only guarenteed the nearest one which could be a few miles out :slight_smile:

If you don’t make it in time but you have time left on your scent then you just automatically get the coors and time of the next one.

Also we could have scents that only spawn local spawns at a higher % for maybe a slighly higher price than the current scents. Or even reduce current prices to add the new idea.