Hunting - Accuracy or Quantity?


Let’s start a discussion here. Which do you think is better when hunting with the drone:

  • Accuracy - Taking your time and hitting the center point spot on in order to get maximum amount of DNA from each hunt.


  • Rapid Fire - Hit as frequently as possible to grab as much DNA as possible.

Your thoughts?

Darting methods

For commons and rares, I tend to go for accuracy and get the target spot. For epics/ legendary/ uniques, i’m usually in semi panic mode, and rapid fire darting is my to go choice. Any DNA pts counts is how I see it lol.

Unless it’s a slow dino like the sinoceratops, I may take my time. Just depends :grin:


^this. especially some like trex that move randomly and very sudden. basically take what you can get. for commons though, i get 25 DNA per direct hit. usually like 8 most other places, so take your time.


I like to take my time and get the center point. I just like those big juicy numbers every time i hit the right spot :grin:


I always go for quantity, and with time you will naturally get better at anticipating movement / aim so that you don’t have to “manually” think about aiming every time. It’ll just come to you like bang bang.


If im in a hurry its rapid fire while i keep walking, any dna is fine then. Otherwise always accurency because its much more effective for dna.


It’s a balance. Higher accuracy gives you more points but sometimes the amount of time required to line up vs the reward is to high. Better just to grab what you can immediately and hope for a better placed target for the next shot


I usually take my time for the first shot because of the unlimited time, than I fire as fast as I can, anticipating the dino’s movements (for the dinos I see almost everyday and practicing with, I can make perfect hits going very fast). For the epic ones, I just slow down because I don’t have practice :sweat_smile:
In all cases, if I move the drone too fast and the target is far away, I just prefer to waste a dart and begin a new manoeuvre rather than wast time to put the drone back to the right direction.


Depends if i am in a hurry, mostly go for accuracy :grin:


Definitely accuracy for me! It’s less expensive of buying darts.


Yeah, like he said … you get more DNA total if you go for accuracy. So I usually try to hit the target unless it’s a fast moving spot like the tail sometimes, then just hit and get a better one to aim on.


First shot should always be patient and get max. But some dinosaurs I find turn on a dime and I have hard time getting decent shots.


I often miss first shot vs epics somehow like a tiny bit off. On epics or anything higher i usually shoot pretty bad… if i can manage around 50 then im happy, i consider that to be avarage. Im lvl 9. Vs legendary and unique i believe i never had a direct hit, just happy i hit them at all


Most of the time you should go for rapid firing. When you try accuracy too much, you can end up doing it even worse. When you go fast and just aim for half a second, you get better at it and you get more DNA in the long run too. The exception is when you are short on darts and hunting a common - you realize it would be worth it if you got the max amount of DNA per dart but otherwise you need your darts for other, more important prey. Then you take your time for better aiming. But when it comes to getting as much DNA as possible, rapid firing tends to be best


Not really … I really try to hit max for higher rarity dinosaurs, because it’s like 2.5x the amount of DNA. And yeah, I don’t need that long for perfect aiming on some Epics, so I will end up with 100-130 DNA easily.


well, maybe I’m just a terrible shot (I am) but at least for people who aren’t good at darting it’s better to do it fast than to aim for too long. A bit of aiming sure, but I don’t lose too much time, I prefer to get more tries


Honestly, I try and take my time, and I can pull it off with Commons and Rares. When it comes to Epics and higher, that target is so small and can appear anywhere on the dino that it makes it difficult for direct hits. Though I have noticed that the targets seems to have a pattern, though sometimes they’re random.


I just do the best I can, but I have to admit that I do waste more darts trying to tag a rare or epic than I do with commons.

It’s the time limit. It makes me even more jumpy than normal.


I’m the same. I really wish it was based upon a set number of dart attempts rather than a battery timer.


What are your darting methods? Like do you try to get the derect hit or as close as you can? Our just go for speed and as many shots as you can?