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Hunting Diary


Hey, let’s start a little funny diary about our hunts, collecting some data about which dinosaurs spawned where and when and other special things you experienced. :grin:

Hunt: way to work + lunch + back home
When: morning/lunch time
Where: neighborhood/city

Caught: 2x Postimetrodon, 1x Concavenator, 1x Pyroraptor, 1x Amargasaurus, 2x Tuojiangosaurus, 2x Spinosaurus, 1x Erlikosaurus 2nd Gen, a few Dimetrodon/other common Rares

Seen, but too far away/despawned: 2x Cargotaurus (one despawned), 2x Kaprosuchus, 1x Pyroraptor (despawned)


The evening part of the hunt hasn’t started yet! It will in 4 and bit hours!

Hunt: To work and then back home
When: Morning & Evening
Where: The jungles of Africa! (normal town/city).

Caught: 1x Triceratops, 3x Stegosaurus, 1x Edmontosaurus 2x Einiosaurus 2x Nundasuchus

Seen, but too far away/despawned: 1x Ouranosaurus, 1x Dimetrodon 1x Koolasuchus Gen 2

Random things on the the Hunt: I saw a woman chasing after her dog, who didn’t want to go back on their leash! Was probably the funniest thing to see in the morning, while the coffee is still fresh in your veins!


Hunt: just going to the supermarket, but got distracted too much by JWA, so the one I wanted to go to had already closed :roll_eyes:
When: evening
Where: city

Caught: 1x 1st Gen Erlikosaurus, 1x Stegoceratops, 1x Postimetrodon, 1x Concavenator, 1x Baryonix, 3x Amargasaurus, other Rares/Commons

Seen, but too far away: 1x Erlikosaurus (was too far off the road first, 2nd time he spawned he was in the right street), 1x Amargasaurus, 1x Einiasuchus (got a call right then and couldn’t catch during it)


Just caught as he spawned right down the street from my house:

I shall call him “Spiny Norman”.


I’ve been stalking this one for days, now.


I still haven’t seen one in the wild, but lucked out this morning and got enough DNA from a 12 hour incubator to get one.


Been making a little journal lately too, here’s mine :grin:

Today’s Hunt

Triceratops // local
3x Megalosaurus // restaurant 9:40 AM; local
2x Amargasaurus // park
Argentinosaurus // grocery market
Echo // dmv 10 AM
2x coolaschus gen 2
2x demitrodon // gas station; local
3x gorgosaurus // costco 7PM; local
spinosaurus // costco 7PM
nodosaurus // local PM
2x utahraptor // local
2x kaprosuchus // local


Today’s scouting recon along the northern edge of the southern marshland biome:

Standard ophie count during daylight hours, dropping off before nightfall.

Sarcos remained constant in number both day and night.

Carnotaurus do hunt here, but only sporadically. Just tagged and cloned him today.

Apatosaurus tagged at night. A really odd occurrence, since it’s usually a day animal.

Two rare thunderchickens

Standard Euplo count

Standard Anky Gen2 count

Slightly elevated daytime count of Einiosaurus and nundasuchus

No epics seen today

Delta tagged for DNA around midnight.


I forgot to take note of my evening hunt yesterday as I was rushing home to watch the France vs Belgium game :stuck_out_tongue:


Hunt: going to the shop which closed yesterday
When: morning
Where: city

Caught: 1x Ankylosaurus, 1x Amargocephalus, 1x Amargasaurus, 1x Carnotaurus (spawning a lot here), regular Rares like Dimetrodon/Triceratops/Dilopho/Tuojiango

Seen, but missed: 2x Amarga in my neighborhood (first despawned when I was there, second appeared right after some streets away … seems like he just walked away … noticed that a lot lately => despawned dinosaurs appear somewhere near there old spawn again)

Bonus: 1x Nodosaurus, 2x Delta caught from home tonight


Hunt: evening walk
When: evening (6 PM)
Where: neighborhood/city

Caught: 2x T-Rex, 4x Dracorex, 2x Carnotaurus, 1x Amargosaurus, regular things

Seen, but missed: 1x Dracorex, 1x Delta


Last night’s hunt;
830pm est to 10pm est

X 150 vraptor
X 36 apata
X 56 allos
X 3 Trex
X 6 uthar
Various drax, stegs, nunds, tarbo, trikes, Delta, echo, charlie, etc…

I wish I could hunt days. But I work mornings.


You caught 150x V-Raptors in 1,5 hours? Seriously? (30k DNA or more)


Yeah, I go down to the ocean front and walk the boardwalk. There are so many vraptor, I didn’t even catch them all. I walked from 4th Street to 20th street and back down. (We have 1st to 40th street, and I didn’t even walk half) I leveled my vraptor from 20 (started more than halfway) to 21, and I’m about halfway to 22.


Yeah I’ve got a lot of raptors here.


I walk the ocean front every night


What would be cool if they had a spot in the game that showed off your daily catches. So I could prove that I actually did catch that many lol
It would be cool for people to SS their daily catches.

July 11th Daily Catch;
X 76 velociraptor
X 52 …
X 38 …


Hunt: working/lunch
When: morning/lunch time
Where: neighborhood/city

Caught: 1x Delta, 2x Amarga, 1x Kaprosuchus, 1x Postosuchus, like 5x Dracorex

Seen: 1x Erlikosaurus (but couldn’t leave work)



Hunt: Event Hunt
When: night (10 PM and later)
Where: neighborhood/city

Caught: 7x Nodosaurus (5x Event/2x random), 2x Diplocaulus 2nd Gen, 1x Delta, 1x Kaprosuchus, 1x Erlikosaurus 2nd Gen, 1x U-Raptor, 1x Wuerhosaurus (!!!)

Seen, but missed: 1x Kaprosuchus, 1x more random Nodosaurus

First time ever seeing this guy in the wild … had some DNA from 24h Incubator. Just the first time after playing for a month.


That postosuchus though!! I swear those things are so rare, I’ve only ever seen 3. Nice find :grin: