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Hunting in the neighborhood

So I was sitting on the couch when I saw this.

You bet I grabbed mine and my hubby’s phone and drove down the streer to go get it. My neighbors probably think I’m a crazy stalker because I drive slowly down the street so often. :joy:


Yep! Same here! There’s one spot around the corner from me that spawns good stuff. The people in that house must think I’m crazy :joy::joy:

I had an epic spawn behind a train track behind a 3-4m tall brick wall. I had to drive up to someone’s garage door to get in range. And was still 1m out of range. Holding my phone in front of me didn’t help, ha so annoying.

I live by a military base so when they spawn there it is really frustrating.

Another one showed up across the street so I had to go back out again. One of the few I would venture out for.

So jelly of that Mono DNA

I’m sooo close to the Monimimus. I keep getting 10’s on every fuse though. Only need 60 more to create it! Which is like 4 more Mono’s at least haha.

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I haven’t seen a mono in the wild for 6 weeks. I gotta get to L3 more often I guess. Good luck it’s awesome

Had it recently where a gold incubator challenge spawned outside a house close by, walked over and propped myself up against a wall to complete it, turned out the house belonged to a guy who started at work that day! He now thinks I’m crazy!!!


I live in L3 and work in L4 but really don’t see them as often as I probably should.

Glad it’s not just us then :joy:

Waiting for the day I have to say, “I can explain officer, we’re just hunting dinosaurs”

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